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Richard Sherman, Richard Sherman, Richard Sherman. Everybody’s talking about Richard Sherman and his post-game interview.

If you listen to the interview, it is obvious one of the producers in the control room told Erin Andrews to wrap it up in her earpiece.

She confirmed that on a radio show yesterday. She says she wanted to continue but the folks in the control room were a bit nervous about what Richard Sherman might say next.

I wanted to hear more. Didn’t you?

Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree continued their fight on Twitter that night and the next day.

Sherman says he went in on San Francisco 49er, wide receiver Michael Crabtree because of a beef from the past. Apparently something happened at a charity event last year; someone tried to fight somebody. It’s obvious the two just don’t like each other. We’ve all been there.

Well, this probably won’t be popular with a lot of people but I saw it live and I laughed and I didn’t think twice about it, not until social media blew up.

People calling him a showboat, loud, low-class, disrespectful, even a thug and probably worse.

A thug, really?

Okay, let’s just all take a deep breath here and really think about it. The guy had just made the winning play.

Not only had he made the winning play, but he made the winning play against his nemesis in the last moments of the game, the game that the play that will take him and his team to the Super Bowl.


I was talking smack and I was at home watching it on my couch.

There were people in sports bars around the country who were talking more smack than Richard Sherman and they have never even stepped on a football field.

Sure there’s such a thing as sportsman like conduct and winning gracefully, and I believe in it; most of the time.

But on this one, under those circumstances, all hopped up on adrenaline, cameras pushed right in front of his face? Cut the man some slack. And stop calling him names, especially the racist ones.

The fact that your mind even went there says more about you than it does about Richard Sherman.

7 thoughts on “Don Lemon: ‘Cut [Richard Sherman] Some Slack’

  1. Jonathan on said:

    I don’t think Sherman is a “thug” and usually I agree with your politics, but Don, you’re wrong. Sherman represents the worst in sportsmanship. Clearly he’s never had to recover from any sort of defeat in his life, which explains his complete lack of humility. Be gracious both in victory and defeat, and always respect your opponents: that’s what we should be teaching the future of America; not to act like a spoiled brat! This should not be about Sherman being a “thug” and who cares what he does off field (most NFL players donate time to charity off-field). This about having a lack of character and you’re suggesting that this is OK and I’m just a drunk, upset fan…We need more Roger Staubach’s and Vince Wilfork’s, true-class warriors in football; not Richard Sherman’s. I suggest you read up on the Warrior’s Ethos, “smack talk” is not necessary in football.

  2. jersey girl on said:

    When did winning graciously go out of style. That was not the time or the place to act like, such a a-hole. past differences….get over it. You are going to the superbowl, however I am hoping YOU miss that flight.

  3. BLACK People are not suppose to voice their opinion on anything and when one does it is taken out of context. The racists can say anything and everything they want about the President and his family but it is called free speech.

  4. Raleigh Delesbore on said:

    So you graduated from Harvard! Fantastic. I guess speech was not one of the subjects you took. Or, Richard you won the game, just enjoy that.

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