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Soledad O’Brien may not be on CNN everyday anymore, but she’s hardly slowed down. Now the head of her own production company, she’s doing another Black In America documentary this time focused around “Stop and Frisk,” she’s on Al-Jazeera network, and she’s the keynote speaker at the 27th annual Martin Luther King breakfast in Jacksonville, Floridaon Friday.

O’Brien’s absence from CNN has not gone unnoticed, although she still does the “Black in America” series for the network. CNN has struggled to find a balance since parting ways with popular anchors like O’Brien, T.J. Holmes and others. O’Brien says she’s enjoying her new life as head of her own company, no longer forced to get up at 2 a.m. to anchor a morning show.

“I sleep in and I go to the gym, my life is good,” says O’Brien.

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3 thoughts on “Soledad O’Brien: ‘Life’s Good’ After CNN

  1. VBucGreen on said:

    I agree with you Timekeeper, I hope CNN continues to lose viewers. I am happy for Soledad Obrien, Roland Martin, and whoever else CNN dropped. They were beneficial not just to Black America but to America. CNN was wrong, wrong, wrong and now they are paying for it.

  2. PetraBlue on said:

    I hate CNN that channel has no respect for its black viewers that is why so many have stopped watching it. The American media is owned, scripted and heavily controlled by a small elitist cabal who think that all black people think the same way. That we do not arbor diverse opinions about the major issues of today and that we are all wild eyed left wing Liberals who toe the Democratic Party line. They want society to think of us that way as well, to not see us as full fledged people who can make up our own minds. Black people can be and are conservative on some issues and liberal on others but we are not all just LIBERAL but CNN just can not understand that. They don’t want to step away from that old-fashioned patronizing attitude they have towards us and that prevents them from seeing us as any thing other than a bunch of plantation Democrats. Just once I would like to see a black guess spokesperson on that show who isn’t a left wing-do-as-you-are-told DEMOCRAT!

  3. the Timekeeper on said:

    Soledad was the best thing CNN had on in the morning. Since then they hired a few primadonnas who could not hold a candle to her. They have never reovered and continue to lose marketshare everyday. They did the same thing with Roland. they are getitng what they deserve.

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