This post was inspired by the following question I received a few weeks ago:

Hey Naomi, I have an extreme case of oily skin. I try to use as many oil-free products as possible as well as a toner. I also wash my face every day (twice a day!!), yet the OILY shine just won’t go away, and I break out all the time. What products do you use and do you have any tips for an oily skinned girl like me?

This is a great question! We have been led to believe that if we have oil-prone skin, we need to stay away from oil-based products. You may be surprised to find out this is not necessarily true! Research shows that more oil might actually be the cure for your greasy skin!

1. Try a botanical oil-based facial cleanser.

Though this may seem a bit counter productive, the truth of the matter is, if you have oily skin a botanical oil-based facial cleanser may be your new best friend. So get ready to toss all of those “oil-free” products that clearly aren’t resolving your issue! Many dermatologists are finding that botanical oil-based facial cleansers adhere to the sebum found within your pores. When you rinse, both the sebum (that causes the oil overload) and the botanical oil is washed away.

2. You NEED oil-absorbing products.

If you’re a shiny-faced gal, try adding an application of matte gel/lotion primer to your regimen. Look for a great micro-perfecting primer. These are often times weightless and do a great job of being a base for your makeup application. Remember, once you have removed your make-up for the night, use an alcohol-free toner before you apply your moisturizer.

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