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According to, Mama Joyce has had enough of Bravo and RHOA producers to the point she is ready to walk! Reportedly the mother of Kandi Burruss has had it with the editing that she claims is making her out to be a bad person on the show. She is alleged to be feeling like they are setting her up to look bad. Of course this would include the 2 famous episodes that showed Mama Joyce taking off her shoe about to whoop the tail of Kandi’s best friend Carmon in the middle of the Bridal Shop as her daughter tried on wedding gowns.

Welp…we knew when you guys had Kandi on “Watch What Happens Live” in tears saying that she didn’t care what you all said about how Mama Joyce was behaving that she was never going to disrespect her because that was her mama.. that this could end up being the situation.

In all honesty this may be the best thing all the way around. Kandi deserves to be happy both on and off camera and the poor girl can’t go anywhere without people talking about it or speaking wildly disrespectful towards her mother.  So if Mama Joyce feels she should go then maybe she has a point.


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6 thoughts on “Is Kandi Burruss’ Mother Mama Joyce Quitting ” The Real Housewives Of Atlanta”?

  1. Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!! If not for Kandi, Joyce would not have what she has. She can now afford to leave, and all I can say is GOOD. She’s ungratefull, and using her daughter for all she can. She and her sisters, she’s probably supporting them they should all be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Stacie on said:

    It doesn’t matter if she leaves the show or not. The question is – will she let her daughter live her own life without being made to feel guilty for having other people in her life besides her mother. I don’t care what kind of editing is done – Mama Joyce should be embarrassed for her behavior. I feel sorry for Kandi.

  3. grayeson on said:

    Sarah, I hope your not one of those women that doesn’t allow your child to live their life. Go check out Todd’s resume it’s impressive. If Mama Joyce had a life she wouldn’t be so involved with Kandi’s relationship.

  4. Sarah M on said:

    Sarah M January 9 :2014 at 933 am Said Mama Joyce is right about her daughter boyfriend and Kardi will see one day i hope it’s not to late.

  5. grayeson on said:

    I agree Mama Joyce it’s time for you to go, get a life take your sister’s with you all of you need to go to church, get a man just leave Kandi alone support her decisions she’s doing well for herself. It’s obvious Mama Joyce has been living her life thru Kandi.

  6. Mama Joyce made herself look bad the show may edit some but they didnt make up her emotions or disrespect shown to everyone who doesnt do what she says.

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