Gabrielle Union is now engaged to multimillionaire basketball player Dwyane Wade, and it’s no coincidence that she found a man with money.

No, Gabrielle Union is not a gold digger, but she grew tired of dealing with broke men. So after her last relationship ended, Gabby decided to leave the “brokies” alone, and now she’s about to marry a millionaire!

Watch Gabrielle Union on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” talking about how she met Dwyane Wade and the broke men from her past in this exclusive interview.

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Gabrielle Union on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show

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One thought on “Why Gabrielle Union Wanted A Man With Money [EXCLUSIVE]

  1. BLACK MOSES 73 on said:

    Really Joe..Smart Lady..and thats not being a Gold digger? at least be proud of who you are.You can’t be America’s sweetheart by day and then prostitute by night.This is one time when making regular money is not bad, at least i know the reason my woman is with me.D.Wade need to look himself in the mirror and ask that old-age question,if i didn’t have the money would she be with me? Some things need to be kept inside.

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