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She obviously wasn’t getting enough attention is one of many thoughts that came to mind upon learning that Mariah Carey was out walking her dog …  in the snow in a … red bikini! “Warming up for the hottub moments!” wrote Carey with a finger to her lips in one of the fiery flicks.

Yep, hot mama Mariah is in Aspen, Colorado for the holidays and decided it would be “cool” to expose herself, literally and figuratively (on Saturday, Dec. 22) wearing nothing but a blazing red, itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikini as you can see in her instagram pics above and below.


“It’s just a tradition,” Mariah wrote, referring to the photo. According to US Weekly, the “#Beautiful” singer  is currently on vacay in snowy Aspen with 2-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan. In another picture she’s seen hugging both kids in a hot tub and shared with fans: “Misty wonderland with dembabies.”

Still speaking of her kids, Mariah, 43, added: “Now they see the tree and they light up. They’re so excited… it’s amazing for me to watch and to relive.” While hubby Nick Cannon, 33, did not appear in any of the photos, Carey’s, shall we say, interesting pose in front of the Christmas tree could have very well been for Nick or maybe even ol’ St. Nick. “Warming up for the hot tub moments!” she wrote.

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