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12/20/13- Jacque Reid goes “Inside Her Story” with Dr. Nazaree Hines-Starr about her book “Why Every Black Woman Should Marry a Jewish Man.”

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45 thoughts on “Why Should Black Women Marry Jewish Men? Find Out Inside! + J. Anthony Brown Goes Off!


    I am a Jewish Male and married to an African Woman. Notice I didn’t say Black or African American woman because its important to differentiate between those that were born in Africa and those that have African lineage and are African American. Based on my research and observations, African’s have far better values, education and income levels than African Americans and the common denominator is their strong family structure. This is the same reason why Jewish Males, on AVERAGE, do better than black males. We have parents that have very high expectations of us and push us every day to succeed. Note that I do not have rich parents, I paid my own way through university working part time. This is the reason why a lot of my family members are successful, have businesses and so forth. Being surrounded by people that are successful (cultural influence) is the biggest component to success.

    I earn 100k per year and my wife earns, 70k and we are both under 30 with degrees. We also do not have any kids, waited to get married before attempting to. This is also important. the problem with many African American men is they seem to think having children by multiple woman is ok. The problem with AA women is THEY LET them. This needs to stop. It only takes one generation of a female making the right decisions to change the course of her children’s destinies. All she needs to do is rise above the stereotypes, prove them wrong, do not have children before marriage, marry a man with principles, get an education and she is paving a great road for her children.

    • Well Mr Jew let me beat your theory in the ground. Let’s match W2s. From the sounds of it I make more than the both if you combined. And I left home at 13 raised by no one. Explain how you with so much favor and support are lacking.

      • That’s great, good for you however you are the exception, not the rule. A solid family structure and role models are not the only factors but they certainly make a big difference.

      • also, the fact that you consider 100K net per year lacking is very interesting. Lacking when compared to the general population or you? I doubt you earn 170k per year at least in an honest way. Someone earning that much would not go out of their way to point out that he/she earns more than someone else. From the sounds of it, you sound like a bitter black male with a chip on his shoulder.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    I don’t understand why some of you are getting offended. This women has the right to date and marry who she wants and the right to write a book about this subject. Black women are long over do to have the freedom we deserve. Stop standing behind black men and fend for yourself, look at our communities, and all these absentee fathers who don’t help raise their children. Let’s get real folk, it’s not enough educated black men for educated black women , statistics don’t lie, check the college enrollment number and graduation rates for black women vs. black men.

    • Yet you sound like an idiot with a degree. Which supports my next statement… education doesn’t mean shit when I comes to determining someone’s worth. You have a degree and what you make about 50k…. that’s so desirable.

  3. I’m Jewish, and she made 2 preposterous statements. I suppose Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and Dell CEO Michael Dell are scumbags since they dropped out and didn’t complete college.And there are far more black women than available Jewish men

  4. I have nothing against interracial relationships. However, when you have to down tour own race in such a harsh manner, that is self hatred. She has a son and no matter how white his daddy is, he will always be black.He can be taught whatever culture but he should not be given false info that people of his specfic color is all bad. In case you didnt know, it is many whites etc that are locked up.A lot of us african americans were not given the option to take over daddys company etc. I am a 25 year old black woman and I work a full time job. I tried to get into college fresh out of highschool but my parents couldnt afford it and the government assumed they should be able to. My finance counslor said I either have to have a kid, be 25 or hope my parents made more money. My stepfather was laid off at the time and not because he was black. Its hard for the less fortunate period. Now I have a black man I am currently dating and not only is he a great father of his 3 children, he is a smart man. He is currently in school and I wouldnt trade my BLACK KING FOR NO ONE. Yall can have yall pick of the rainbow but I will be down for my black kings forever. They have to be great tough men to go thru what they go thru. I am a black woman and I wasnot given the opportunity these other colors are given because the financial hand my parents were dealt but i will say my parents kept me out the hood most of my life and i went to great schools.

  5. hawkeye30 on said:

    WOW!!! This is absolutely ridiculous!!! And all other sisters that thinks it’s cool to date white men. SIckening!! This black men that dated this person might not have liked her personality, character, or whatever and chose not to continue with their involvement. But a white man will take anything black simply to fulfill their fantasy. Massa didn’t discriminate when he came out that back door; snatched one of the sisters up and took her in the house and had his way. Hell some of them he even kept close to him and let them live in the house. Doesn’t mean he loved them, just meant they were his property and by keeping them in his house he can stop black men from being with them. It’s so sad that sisters willing move into massa’s house. Then to compare yourselves to black men by saying black men have been doing it forever.. Really? that’s so immature. There are two entirely different dynamics in those situaitons. It’s not a double standard. From the outside looking in Black men are using the hell out of them like white men are using the hell out of black women.. IJS

  6. m0mi4life on said:

    I still don’t understand how J Anthony could get so upset. Doesn’t he only date outside of his race? And she said that she had a Scumbag chapter in her book that included all races (not just black men) and that she has a standard of completing what your started. There is nothing wrong with women, especially black women having STANDARDS. If you don’t measure up, you just don’t…but that doesn’t mean she is wrong for having them. Get over yourselves people. The double standard is “scumbaggish”.

    • Melanin Man on said:

      I agree that if J. Anthony dates exclusively outside of his race, then he is a hypocrite for attacking her in any way. I also agree that women should have standards and not just settle for an adult male who has yet to reach manhood.
      However, any black man or woman who has given up on marrying or dating his/her own people are possessing a slave mentality, ignorance of our history and the lessons derived from it, self-hatred in rejecting those who have a cultural and historical experience in common with him/her while embracing a member of groups who have oppressed and continue to oppress our people. This is nothing but assimilation to those who control and dominate us and erects another obstacle toward our self-determination as a people.

  7. I wonder if the jewish guy’s family are as elated to have HER as an in-law as she thinks. I’ve known jewish mothers to go bonkers over the prospect to a son marrying a “shiksa” — a WHITE non-jewish woman. I can’t imagine they were all that happy to have a “scwartze” (black) as an in-law.

  8. Menanin Man on said:

    Dr. Hines-Starr demonstrates that slavery is still alive and well today. Her slave mentality causes her to deliberately and stereo typically, choose a Jewish man over black men as a husband, keeping alive the mindset that “white is right” and continuing the legacy of the black bed winch for “Massa.”
    Her ignorance causes her to believe that the scumbag categorizing of black men somehow excludes her father and son and that if her advice is followed, someday in the future a black young lady will choose a Jewish man over her (Dr. HInes Starr’s) own son because he is at least 1/2 scumbag.
    Her self-hatred causes her to give up on black men, advise black women to “explore their options” and like her, prostitute themselves for someone allegedly “trained for manhood and having expertise at handling money.
    Cab town lady sing this song, doo-dar, doo-dar!!!

  9. Jermaine on said:

    Jackie Reid tells J. Anthony that ‘He does not measure up to a Jewish man’ SMDH. That says a lot about how she sees her Black male relatives and ancestors.

  10. everyone is entitled to their opinion and it saddens me that this young lady felt the need to disrespect all black men and indicate if they did not complete college their status is degraded to a scumbag. I know several successful black men that did not graduate from college but have done very well financial for themselves. A person has the right to marry whomever they please, but all races have their share of no good men. I would not read this degrading book even if it was given to me. I wish her well and hope that the writer’s son don’t grow up and marry a scumbag black women.

  11. D Right One on said:

    I was a fan of Jay now I’m a fan for life. That jackleg writer should have been shutdown as soon as scumbag came out of her mouth. A black man is a scumbag for not going to college? How ridiculous! That jew she married might have gotten enriched from his ancestors transporting black slaves. Too bad Jay couldn’t have told her off in more harsh tones.

  12. pamela jones on said:

    wow ! when you have the black men dating other races its fine we should have compassion when the script gets flipped people are offened ! j anthony brown always insult black women especial if they dont look the way he thinks they should look ! There is good and bad in all people when you find the one you can deal with what ever color than your good !

    • A happily married woman on said:

      The issue is not about men or women dating outside their race; the issue is, this woman completely insulted the entire….scratch that, “the majority” of African American Men based only on her experience.

    • You are correct JAB with his old ignorant self is always insulting black women with his white woman commentary every time he speaks. In fact he is the main reason (along with a few others) that I don’t listen to TMS in the morning. I refuse to subject myself to his stupidity. Now when the tables have turned and black women are doing what black men have been doing for ages (calling black women subpar) he now wants to get upset.


  14. Cameron (a black man) on said:

    If this young woman wants to write a book about what she believes, then let her… No, we don’t have to like it either, but she has the right to say what she feels… Now, I will say she was out of order with the scumbag chapter, but we all have heard far worse… As far as J Anthony Brown… Well, he’s being J Anthony Brown. I wish the segment was more of a feel good story because it is the holiday season.

  15. the Timekeeper on said:

    As usual Aaron, you are on point! Terrific comment. Tom Joyner promotes this shiiggidy with regularity. Jacque is a jaded middle aged, soon to be jaded old woman who cant stand men as well as her own self. I am glad the women on this post can see thru this calamtiy and call it out for what it is. And yes, Sybil was nasty as Hell to Kordell Stewart for no reaosn at all. Yet she laughs at this mess ( and Tom has the neerve to call her the sensible one) on his radio show. Jay, was absolutley right for calling this woman out.
    Any woman who would use the word scumbag is not a lady at all. Maybe that s waht that jew man likes, ’cause one thing I can say about brothers is we dont like a foul mouth from our women.
    Like Heavy D said: Black Coffee, no sugar no cream, thats the kind of girl I need down on my team”!!!

  16. I applaud the Black women on this message board that are calling this woman out for being the race traitor that she is you guys are the Black women that should be celebrated. Someone needs to call Tom Joyner out too, he constantly promotes male bashing garbage like this. Notice how nice and polite Sybil and Jacque were compared to when Kordell Stewart was on the show.

  17. Correction: I would not buy that book. it’s crazy how people would tell BW who they should marry. Let’s see how long they stay married. I love BM
    Reply ↓

  18. I would not buy that book. it’s crazy how people would tell BW who they should marry. It’s see how long they stay married. I love BM

    • I wonder when her husband kicks her a to the curb “will he be a scumbag too”. That word is probably reserved for all the guys who have done her wrong. Anyway, what self respecting black person uses the word scumbag!

  19. A happily married woman on said:

    So, I usually don’t comment on ignorance such as this, but I was furious listening to this women comment on African American Men the way she did; I couldn’t possibly let this one slide:
    1st – Has she ever thought to look at herself as a woman. It is a fact, that women attract a certain type of man, which could be her issue with men in general, not just African American Men only.
    2nd – This is the year 2013; we do not go to college to find a husband or a relationship, but rather to educate ourselves to become successful adults in society. I certainly did not go to college to find a man!
    3rd – I’d like to see where you gathered your research from for your book. It seems that your information is certainly based on opinion and definitely not fact. You are under the assumption that ALL Jewish men are like your Husband and most African American men are bad apples. This is your experience and not the next person’s experience; what you really should do is read a book or watch the news and gather some real research, it would open your eyes to the nonsense we as a human race have to live with, not just African American Men!
    4th – I have the absolute pleasure in saying I married my high school sweetheart, who just so happens to be a strong African American Man, a Great Husband, A wonderful Father – and we were teen parents and we both went to college and we both are very successful. Not that it matters but this beautiful black man of mine just bought me a new house and car. With all this being said, this is my experience, and my particular situation. I would in no way, nor am I anywhere qualified to, recommend or encourage every Black women, or any woman for that matter, to marry a man because of his race(assuming that race tells us about that persons personality – news flash: IT DOESN’T!). Women should marry whomever they choose, however, they want to, whenever they want; if he/she makes you happy, my suggestion would be to go with it.
    A VERY happily married woman to a Black Man 

  20. The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews. This lady better get a copy and find out who owned the slave ships her ancestors came over on. Black media is really working hard to promote the garbage of Black women with White men they are making themselves look like complete slaves this is not progress.

  21. the Timekeeper on said:

    Just in time for the holidays. Male Hate!! they say there is a War on Christmas. No, that is a a pumped up notion that certain people have pumped up for their own purpose. However, there is a war on brothers. Im glad this person found a man she can live with, but the notion that brothers dont ewant that. BS, women can come on this blog and 2nd the motion of this woman and jump on brothers because they read this. This woman has issues and so do the women who think trhis is cool. To call someone a scumbag. It Takes One To No One!!!

    • V. Horton on said:

      I agree that J Anthony Brown is a piece of work but I could understand his reaction. I think a lot of black men who take offense as it seems as though they were the targeted group. IJS.

      • Jennifer P on said:

        My issue with J’s reply was the personal attack, that was over the top. He could not present an intelligent and legitimate argument to her position so her attacked her personally. That was low class and incredibly ignorant, you proved her point!

  22. blackspeak on said:

    This is mind-boggling, but understandable. It is unfortunate that blacks don’t raise their boys to be men. They are too busy dealing with style over substance and trashy lifestyles, to commit to instilling what it means to be a man and providing the qualities that jewish families instill in their young boys… There is no “right of passage” for young boys in the black community.

    • V. Horton on said:

      I find your comment about blacks mind boggling and wondering if your race plays a part in your comments. Not all black people are as you describe. Many black boys have been raised or are being raised to be men. There are bad apples in all races and religions. So lets be fair.

      • Wildflower on said:

        And to add to that, stop blaming the parents for every wrong a child commits once he/ she grows up. Most hard working parents do their job the best they can and the influences of the world kicks in and some young people and older ones fall victim to them and choose the wrong path. It’s just that simple.

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