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Did you know that the type of blood you have flowing through your veins can have a direct effect on the size jeans you wear? Well according to Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, our blood type is a road map to our entire inner chemistry.

Fitness expert Mark Moon cosigns this school of thought too and uses similar philosophies to help his clients see results. So are you tired of trying on fad diet after the next? Then get ready to kiss all other restricting regimens goodbye with Mark Moon’s Blood Type Diet.

What’s Blood Got To Do With It?

The blood type diet in based on the studies of naturopathic physician Dr. D’Adamo. This revolutionary new way to eat and live is an excellent source for individuals trying to lose or simply maintain their weight. Since it shows us how our blood type processes food, handles stress and fights disease differently- this option is easy to follow and chemically legit. So here’s the deal- all foods are broken down into three categories for each blood type being- foods that are “BENEFICIAL which act as a medicine to our bodies” “NEUTRAL which act as food for our bodies/do no harm” or “AVOID which can act as a poison to our bodies causing a range or issues like allergies, inflammation, bad skin, lack of energy just to name a few,” advises Moon.

The Benefits Of Going With The Flow

So here are the pros to know-

1) Once you know what foods are best, and which ones to avoid, it doesn’t really feel like you are on a diet. Therefore it becomes very easy to make it a part of your everyday life. Hello long lasting results.

2) Calorie counting is so last season. When it comes to the blood type diet and food choices there are also recommendations to the amounts or protein, carbs and fats that should be consumed on a daily basis. Its not about counting calories. It is about making sure that the “type” of calories you consume are the right ones for you!

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