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Karma is not kind.

Case in point: Fantasia Barrino bit the bullet and tango’d with a married man. She had a baby by him, and now the cheating baby daddy that she stole from a married woman has left her and gone back to his wife.

The split from Barrino, which happened earlier this year, is said to have happened so that Antwaun Cook could go and work on his marriage to estranged wife, Paula, according to RadarOnline.

Wow! Wonder if Fantasia feels like a fool yet?

According to a source close to the situation, the only reason Fantasia had the baby, whose name is Dallas, was as insurance to keep Antwaun in check.

Didn’t work.

RadarOnline spoke with the source who said, “Antwaun’s father passed away the week of Father’s Day and they were really close, so since then he’s been wanting to work on his marriage.”

But the thing is, the couple never divorced.

“Technically he’s still married to Paula and they’re back together now. The only tie he still has to Fantasia is his son, Dallas.”

In November 2011, Fantasia testified during a separation hearing between Antwaun and Paula that she had previously been pregnant by him and had an abortion.

“She kept this one to keep him,” the source told Radar. “Antwaun and Paula spent Thanksgiving together at his mother’s house in Wilmington,” the insider revealed, solidifying that they’re back together…And in November they went on a trip together with a bunch of friends to the Bahamas for a birthday. Antwaun doesn’t really talk to Fantasia much anymore except about their son.”

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13 thoughts on “Fantasia’s Ex Antwaun Cook Reconciles with Estranged Wife

  1. MINDYABIZNESS on said:

    Why are you all even still relating this dude to Fantasia. She has a child by him. They are not in a relationship currently and have not been in one for a while she the man is free to date of reunite with who he would like. They simply co-parent.

  2. aintmsbhavn69 on said:

    As For Myself,If He Was My Husband I Would Have Kicked His Cheating A** To The Curb,But I Dont Reside In Their Home,So I Dont Know Whats Going On..We Are All On The Outside,Peeking In..He Will Have This To REPENT For SHO….Fantasia Was Dead Wrong For Being With A Married Man,It Doesnt Matter When She Found Out,he Was Married,She Should Cut Him Loose For Good,And Not Get Pregnant Not Once, But Twice?? Shame On Her…

  3. aintmsbhavn69 on said:

    Antwan Cook Wife,Doesnt Have To Explain To Anyone,For The Reason Why She Took Back Her Husband,She’s His WIFE,She Has That Right Just Like Anyone Else…

  4. Why does black media beat up on Fantasia all the time? Fantasia stated numerous times that she did not know that this man was married. There are plenty of women in the entertainment world that have
    gone through a similar matter and some that knew “old boy” was married from the start. Certain women we give a pass to no matter how low they go and then there are others we ride all the time. Enough is enough. Please fall back on Fantasia. I truly believe she’s paid for this already. Next topic or headline please……..

  5. Wildflower on said:

    The only person that look worse than Fantasia in this mess is Paula. Really Paula? Why? Not only did he cheat on you but he didn’t even consider your life when he went there raw and to add insult to injury he fathered a child with his mistress. You are better than that sister. I bet you any amount of money when he feels he’s back in all good with you that’s when him and Fantasia will reconcile their relationship (for the child of course, at least that will be the excuse). That trash box will not be faithful to either woman. Fantasia good for you now run girl!!!

  6. I’m curious how do African American women view Fantasia regarding this WHOLE story from beginning to now. Didn’t she say she didn’t know that he was married. She said that the guy didn’t tell her or he said they were separated or something like that?

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