You, us and several million other people weren’t the only ones who saw the Perri “Pebbles” Reid interview with Wendy Williams on Wednesday.

So did TLC’s Chilli and T-Boz. And needless to say, they are not thrilled with what they saw and heard come out of Pebbles’ mouth.

“Yall need 2 watch what church yall walk n2 cuz ill tell ya sum of these so called MINISTERS might get struck down by lightning at any moment,” Chilli and T-Boz both wrote via Twitter.

Pebbles of course is on a media tour to do damage control in the wake of V H1′s airing of “CrazySezyCool: The TLC Story,” which showed her in a very, very unflattering light as the TLC’s manager who did them wrong.

On Wednesday, Pebbles sat with Wendy Williams to give her side of the story. Pebbles, a former singer, is also a minister and she not only alleges that TLC mismanaged their own funds, but that group member Chilli slept with her then husband, L.A. Reid.

8 thoughts on “Chilli & T-Boz Respond to Pebbles Interview with Wendy

  1. Pebbles, please…. That interview on Wned Williams was the most bogus crap Ive ever seen. She claims she wants the truth to be told, she wouldnt keep throwing up a confconfidentiality clause as her defense. Wroting a book? For what?? If there is a so called confidentiality agreement in place, you cant say anything that you havent already said…. Or in this case, havent said. Smdh. She is so contradictory… They dont do beat downs, but she would have caught a case had she caught her husband with Chili…. #HoodRat at its finest, thats all she is.

  2. It sounds like Chili will whore herself out to the highest bidder. That’s why Mayweather didn’t want her ass. TLC your time is up….unless Chili finds another music or movie executive to fuck. Your 15 minutes are running low.

  3. Pebbles is out doing damage control right now. She really shouldn’t be mad about the movie because it was only a dipiction of everything that was said about her and her mismanagement of the group all those years ago. I agree with Tboz and Chilli when they said you have to be careful about what church you attend because some of these ministers gona get struck down.

  4. Pebbles needs to watch what she says in public. I would think that if Chili did have sex with LA Reid, this would smell of sexual harrassement especially since LA Reid and Pebbles were in control of the girls’ (TLC) careers at the time of the alleged affair. If this was the case and an sexual encounter did occur, it was the responsibility of their manager (Pebbles) to address the matter with the accused. Not the allow it to happen and continue benefiting from the success of the girls.

    I would sue both Pebbles and LA Reid.

    • Pebbles has already publicly stated she didn’t believe the alleged affair at the time and simply took it as a false rumor. She has since changed her mind based on things she saw, which probably led to her divorce from LA Reid. She clearly stated this was her personal opinion. The girls were signed under Pebbles (Pebbitone) and later renegotiated her out as their manager to sign with LA Reid (LaFace Records) to produce their second album, which happen to be the one where they declared bankruptcy. Pebbles was no longer part of the picture starting with the second album, therefore isn’t to blame for their bankruptcy.

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