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11/07/13- OMG! Insider correspondent Kevin Frazier gives us the inside scoop on what bullied NFL player Jonathan Martin‘s father had to say about his son’s accusations.

2 thoughts on “What Does Jonathan Martin’s Father Think About His Son Being Bullied?

  1. Just Real 100 on said:

    I agree with you exactly Demeach! If Martin would have handled it himself he would probably be behind bars for 20-30 years especially in Florida. I was totally shocked this morning when Rickey Smiley says to let Incognito back on team, that was insensitive to the whole bullying actions. Incognito has a history of starting drama on teams. It took a lot for Martin to leave and admit this, we should be applauding his bravery instead of being so accepting of bullying just because they play football. Martin was smart to handle the way he did. We have to get this snitch mentality out of our communities,

  2. Demeach on said:

    This has been in the news a lot lately . . . and the consensus is that the guy is too big to be a victim of bullying. See, the word, “bully,” has become a hot topic button and this shouldn’t be about playground games. Some men said that he shouldn’t have went to the coaches with this or reported it. I WILL SAY THIS, IF HE DECIDED TO HANDLE THIS HIMSELF, THEN WE PROBABLY WOULD HAVE HAD ANOTHER GILBERT ARENAS SITUATION. Then we would have a situation where another player is confronting someone with a gun, and since this is taking place in the great state of FLORIDA, who’s going to win the argument of “STANDING YOUR GROUND?!” I CAN GUARANTEE THAT IT WON’T BE THE GUY WHO HAS THE LAST NAME, “MARTIN.” So stop spreading the idea that he was a punk for going to coaches! He made someone aware of the situation before things got really bad, and he should be considered SMART for this, and not a SNITCH! The teammates who are defending Incognito . . . I can’t quite wrap my head around this. I mean did they hear the tapes? But then again, they have been cultured in Florida.

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