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Ne-Yo reportedly racked up $500 in food and drinks for himself, his manager and a group of 10 friends at New York City eatery Negril earlier this month…then left with his crew without paying.

A source told the New York Daily News: “Ne-Yo came in with his manager Jayvon Smith, a group of girls, some guys and a bodyguard. He was ordering all this stuff and he kept asking people what they want, and kept the drinks coming.”

The party included Grey Goose screwdriver cocktails, mac and cheese, and chicken wings. However, at the end of the meal, Ne-Yo and his pals reportedly couldn’t decide who would pay the bill.

The eyewitness added: ”[The waitress] asked specifically, ‘Is it okay if everyone is on your check?’ and [Ne-Yo] said, ‘Yes’. She hands it to him, he hands it to his manager, his manager hands it to another guy in the group, who hands it back to Ne-Yo.” The 31-year-old singer and his manager then reportedly bounced, leaving his waitress – who was “run ragged” looking after the group – and the restaurant’s manager stunned.

The source said: “The waitress was so upset. She looked like she was working so hard.”

The eatery’s manager is thought to have followed the group to a nearby hotspot, where they continued to party, in an unsuccessful bid to settle the balance.

According to the report, someone in the group “promised they’d be back tomorrow to pay up,” but the bill remains unpaid.

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