BALTIMORE — A Morgan State University student has filed a complaint after he says he was denied membership in a fraternity because he is gay.

WBFF-TV reports Brian Stewart wanted to be a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. He says members of the fraternity hinted that because of his sexual orientation he was unlikely to be admitted. Stewart got a denial letter Oct. 3 and filed a claim against the university and the fraternity a few weeks later.

The university said in a statement that it has launched an investigation. Kappa Alpha Psi did not immediately return a request for comment.

What do you think about his accusations?

21 thoughts on “Morgan State Student Claims Fraternity Denied Him Membership Because he’s Gay; Files Complaint

  1. This is totally ridiculous. He is aware that this is a private organization? And is he aware that just because you look good on paper, you have to have other qualities? If he is not interested in being apart of the fraternity why did he even bother lodging a complaint? Being apart of a fraternity or sorority is about the personal bonds its members have with one another. Right or wrong, members can choose not to like you despite the reasons behind it. Why would you want to be amongst people who don’t according to him “like” him? Its not just about the letters, again its a bond that is shared.

  2. DC Que on said:

    He wasn’t denied because he was gay. There had to be another reason. All the other Frats already know that the Kappas are gay!

  3. Tracey Mitchell on said:

    Uh, yeah they denied him.. Duh! You don’t bring those stupid expectations to a black fraternity.. He’s clearly mixed up that he’s has the same expectations in our culture about rights that other cultures have.. won’t happen.

  4. Are we as a society suppose to accept everything? I say this as a black person. If you don’t want me I’ll join someone else or start my own. You can’t force ppl to accept youi esp when you aren’t as tolerant yourself. Gays are very intolerant of others with different views than them and will demean and destroy anyone. That’s why their boycott of Chick-fila wasn’t successful. People are getting tired of being handled.

  5. Well JB go read the African leaders quotes for yourself. The old days of describing observation as paranoia are over, clearly an agenda is being pushed here. Black people are over 30 million people strong in the US that is the size of a small country you are crazy if you don’t think those in power are somewhere attempting to decide our future. That is why we need to unite and decide our own destiny and stop letting people make freaks and merchandise of our children.

  6. I agree with Jim and Susan. Homosexuality is being pushed heavy on the black community because it will reduce or numbers dramatically. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and the President of Gambia addressed it also that a conscious effort is being made to push homosexuality to stop population growth in darker nations. Black people better wake up.

  7. Jim Smith on said:

    If you have a deviant perverse lifestyle, don’t expect anyone to just let you do what you want. People are tired of having the gay lifestyle shoved down their throat.

    • I said it. on said:

      Just because someone doesn’t embrace your lifestyle doesn’t make them homophobic. Most people don’t have a fear of people who are gay. Gay people have their moral beliefs and those against homosexuality have theirs. If I start my own private group, I can allow, or not allow, whomever I wish to join.
      That would be like me trying to join the KKK, being denied because I don’t fit what they have in mind :), and then suing them.

  8. Susan Moore on said:

    Slippery slope; gays will now blame others for any rejection or denial due to their choice of lifestyle. “They don’t want to play with me because I’m gay.” How stupid. The frat can exercise sole discretion as to who they want to select in their secret society. If not, we all could get in. I think I’ll sue because they denied me for being a woman. Another trick of the enemy.

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