KATIE  Swizz Beatz David Arquette


Oh boy! Talk about being on the hot seat! In an episode of KATIE, Ms. Katie Couric asked Swizz Beatz if Jay Z was glorifying selling drugs during a sit down interview that Jay had with Vanity Fair Magazine. Take a look at how Swizz handled the question below!



Nicely played sir! Answering that particular question could have gone very wrong and very fast! Nice save Swizz…you hardly even blinked while answering. We will definitely be watching the show! Will you?


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3 thoughts on “Katie Couric Asks Swizz Beatz If Jay Z Glorifies Drug Dealing

  1. On October 18th the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is going to announce plans for a United Black bank to buy farmland, factories and to create jobs. I believe that this information is much to important not to be mentioned on this site that supposedly represents black America.

  2. Debbie on said:

    He doesn’t glorify drug-dealing, that is all most young black males know that come out of the “hood” and projects. White people will never understand this. Unfortuanately Katie Couric’s ancestors weren’t as nice to us as she might be.

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