It’s official. Florida is just not the place to be! From violent murders going unpunished to men turned zombies, eating faces –Florida’s been having the worst year ever. Now they get to add another horrible piece of information on the “Do Not Live Here” list. John Andrew Welden, 28 of Tampa, FL pleaded guilty this week to tricking his pregnant girlfriend into taking the abortion pill.

Welden admitted to stealing his gynecologist father’s prescription pad, writing a prescription for misoprostol (an ulcer pill with side effects that can cause an abortion) and changing the label on the bottle. His girlfriend took the pills and lost the baby a few short days later. SMH. Welden and his girlfriend had been together since July 2012 and in March, she found out she was pregnant. Text messages (used as evidence) detail she wanted to keep the child and he didn’t.

After accompanying his girlfriend to an OB-GYN appointment, where the baby was deemed healthy embryo, Welden told his girlfriend the opposite, saying that his father said she had an infection and that he would bring her some antibiotics. That’s when he gave her the ulcer pills that caused her forced abortion.

Welden is currently under house arrest and his trial will be held at the end of the year. It’s being reported that “a judge will decide whether to accept the plea bargain, in which Welden agreed to spend nearly 14 years behind bars on wire fraud and tampering charges in exchange for prosecutors’ dropping a murder charge.”

Welden’s attorney, Todd Foster is claiming that Welden is taking full responsibility for his actions, even though he is taking the plea deal so that the judge would drop the murder charge. That doesn’t sound like accepting responsibility to me!

He deserves way more than 14 years! I swear all Florida’s laws need revision!


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