The Game has vowed to give away $1 million of his own money by Christmas to help those in need.

The rapper came up with the plan this morning (Sept. 10) while on tour in Australia, and has since started a new Instagram blog to document his acts of generosity, which he has branded “The Robin Hood Project.”

He wrote:

“The other day I posted this pic of an African child I met in Australia playing outside the grocery store. His story of his families hardships & struggles to get away from the terror they left behind touched me so I gave him what I had on me… Which was an Australian $20 bill.”

“As the days passed, I thought about him over & over & over & the only thing that bothered me about that night was that I didn’t have more on me to give him at that time. For some reason I just didn’t bring more money from the hotel. Since I can’t shake that feeling… I have decided to give $1,000,000 to people I come in contact with around the world everyday until Christmas. Don’t even know if thats possible but I’ve set my heart on trying!!! I’ve created a new account specifically for those who would like to Follow @therobinhoodproject & support me on this journey.”

(Photo: PRPhotos)

52 thoughts on “Rapper Game Launches ‘Robin Hood Project’ to Give Away $1 Million by Christmas

  1. faye rogers on said:

    First off….too God be the glory for this project…you will be greatly rewarded…my story in a nutshell….long hard life…3 failed marriages.raised.3 children…alone….. now at 54 I’m raising 3 grandkids alone…I would love to just have one day of not working.. not hurting…and really enjoying my beautiful grands….I would b forever greatful give God all the glory for a break in my life to enjoy a few days of peace and fun with my the way you are with your kids..God bless..faye

  2. toni on said:

    Hello game I just was watching your show and see you have an big heart on helping people I really don’t know how you do it but thank you…I am an mom of two am 30 years I work 2 jobs and in school am baby’s are 14 and about to be 6 years old great kids I really want to send more time with my kids but for me to do so I need to get out of debt so I can just pay my rent anything would help my rent is 940 that would help one month pay so I can catch up I thank u even if you can’t help thank you oh my email is I leave in Cleveland Ohio thank u good luck on the family really.

  3. yolanda on said:

    First and formost I want to say game thanks for having a huge heart my name is Yolanda and I was a foster working parent to mentally challenge teenagers and one day I went to the doctor and they admit me a few days later they put a needle in my back and now I can’t walk so they put my girls in a mental hospital and I went to a nursing home to get therapy I was told it will take three months and I will be walking well a year past and in the nursing home I got three stage Four bed sore one you can see straight through my back my moms would come to see me all the time then she had a doctors appt they admitted her and cut her legs off and they got the charts mixed up and my moms caught an infection and they said she had a year to live and the third day she past away I needed my moms so now iam going through a financial rough time if you can help me I would appreciate anything you can do its been Seven years and iam still not walking thank you again for your big heart

  4. Hello Sir,I am really excited about your robinhood project and glad to see someone helping regular folk,i know alot of people need help but my request is i guess small June im getting ready for my 4th surgery full knee replacement but i was not able to give my nine year old son anything for christmas and did know who to turn to even tho he understood all he wanted was a computer system my son has Adhd so learning is a chaneledge for him YOUR HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! his name is Jadakus contact Thank you sir.

  5. Alonzo Thomas on said:

    Dear game how are you I am at the lowest of the lowest I really need help I am trying to help my family by having my own trucking business I have kids it’s hard to I have a 2 chance by the Lord I been shot and made it did not press charges . I am going through the storm but I will come out can you please help me get a truck please 504 813 0869

  6. Hello the Game I hope all is well with you and your family I known u for a long time we went to school together and to Kens shop together…Im need your help I’m in the process of opening a disability home for Disable children and adults who are physically handicapped, developmentally and/or mentally disabled and can’t provide for their own daily needs…I’ve saved so far $5,000 but in order for the state to give me the approval I have to show in the bank $50,000 it not easy ti save $50,000 when you are a single mother with 3 kids please can you help me reach my goal by marking a donation at are mail it to 18543 Yorba Linda Blvd #131 Yorba Linda California 92886 are call me 714-341-4541..Your donation is greatly appreciated…Thank you

    • Martha on said:

      Hi I don’t want a donation
      I want to know if the Game can train me
      I wanted to go out their for a week or so if I’m able too
      I’m sure everyone must tell him a story but my story is important to me and the Game is a great trainer
      Please contact me
      Thank you

  7. Sarita on said:

    Hello Game! My daughter is 10 years old and her dad got killed when she was 2 1/2 and she is such a strong young lady!! I would love for her to be a part of this and she could even help and talk with other children in the same situation! If you could please contact me!

  8. I’m HIV positive and scared. Could you please just help by paying back a loan to my insurance (I took in order to survive… yes I’m unemployed seeking work and a student). If die today or tomorrow I would really appreciate it if I could be sure my insurance would bury me. It gathering interest and 5000 has gone to 8467.00. I am willing to work for this help. And I would especially like to help with your cause… because I felt your sincerity across the scene this week on the Game. I have NEVER asked for help before. I just believe in GOD and it was meant for me to hear this message. Please reply

  9. latoya on said:

    Hello my name is La Toya and I’m disabled I have grandmal seizures I cant work anymore. I have disabled children and 2 of them is in Sacaramento in a group home and i would like to go visit him.i’m in jeopardy of losing my home due to being behind on rent, I’m behind on my car note. I’m a single parent me becoming disabled has really put me in debt.

  10. kelley on said:

    hi my name is kelley campbell and i am a mother of 4 first off i wanna thankyou for being a great insperation to most and for allowing us to be apart of your family while watching you on tv it only goes to show that we all struggle with things in life rich and poor and as a black man you stand firm about what you believe your robin hood project is awsome. game i feel like im in desperate need of help with my teenage boy he is 14 yrs old and already has been stabbed in his face whaere he has 32 stiches across his eye brow i have 2 boys and 2 girls and he is mking it most dificult for us the worries are none stop my oldest daughter plays ball and is attending college for ball at odu 2015 and she struggles with worring about her littlie bro i turn to yu because i see that my son is a fan of yours and im looking for some sort of advise im afraid that i will lose him to prision or oh god i cant even say this shit hurts me to the bone i am a single mom but this is a tuff job i really cant give him much but advise and it seem hes looking another way help from you or your peers will be greatly appreciated kolbe really is a good kid

  11. edquise artis on said:

    Me and my family needs help we all under 1 roof with very little income and health problems preventingus from doin more we need some kind of help please some body please 6145568802

  12. Sheneka Morris on said:

    Let me start off on thanking the entire Robinhood Foundation crew.because that was an amazing idea that u all created.! Im a single mom of 5 beautiful kids whom I love dearly ! Being a single mom.has brought the best out of me because we’ve been through it all from living in shelters from.going to house to house being molested I mean its been hard and im.only 23 years old ! Sharing this information with u guys is hard im actually in tears right now because life can knock u down in so many different ways but I’ve always walked on faith ! I try to take some of the talent that god blessed me with and put it to use because I know no one will take care of my babies the way I would !

  13. steph on said:

    My friend has 8 children and also her little sis she works fulltime and has never had them seperated amazing is the only word I have for her since she does it on her own if i could see her and her children and her sister blessed..I know she gonna keep her smile regardless of the weather

  14. steph on said:

    Hi watching your show on t.v. have a friend whom is blessed with 8 children plus her younger sister all of them have been kept together at all times by one very amazing person she does fine on her own but it would be nice to see her lifted out of her life.

  15. Jessica Castellanos on said:

    Hello my name is Jessica. I’m writing because you are my sons favorite Rapper! He loves you . I have 3 kids ; Naythan 13, Luke 7,and Selah 2
    Things have been tough for us for the last 2years . My husband who was our soul provider got injured @ work and is now disabled . I went from being home with my kids to having to go to work , make ends meet and care for my 3kids & my husband . After my husband got injured ; his company denied the injury and I had to go to work part time , get on public assistance & try to care for my kids & husband. My oldest son Naythan has been a great help . He decided to give up playing football.
    ( his passion ) this last season to help me w/ the younger kids & has really stepped up as far as helping out & taking on alot of responsibilities. Last week he got picked to go to a trip to Washingnton D.C. & New York . He was so excited to tell me the good news . And in that same breath he said ” I don’t have to go ; I know it’s alot of money “” my heart just broke . I struggle to make ends meet every month , pay our rent & put good on the table . I would love nothing more than to send him on this opportunity of a life time . As I want my son to experience & see things I never have . If there would be any way you could help me send my son on this trip . You would be the answer to many prayers & it would be a blessing . Thank you for reading my message .
    God Bless

  16. Delisa Tarrance on said:

    Even tho I consider myself to be less fortunate it’s nice to see someone with money and the blessings and connections to use that for a good cause. I too myself, try to give to people who are in need when I can. I don’t hv millions and my kids need money for college but I’m just thankful for the blessings of being able to provide the basic necessities they need. Even tho I just want my kids to go to college without being set back because of money, I know there’s other people who need way more than my kids and you’re going to be blessed even more for that! Much love!

  17. Julie on said:

    Hi , my name is Julie and I first want to say Thank you for becoming a Giver of the heart. Thank you for stepping into one of your true purposes in your life. It will, if it hasn’t already blessed your heart and spirit for what you are doing… I know your Family is at Peace in their hearts to know you have stepped in that humble space. You don’t know yet how you have blessed your Son and your Daughter in all of this and yourself. I hope you and your wife find your way back together in all this… But you first have to find your own way… And it seems like you are now heading into your blessing… I am sending this message to you to be apart of your purpose. God have bless me with High creative ideas and Marketing skills. Please email me and we can talk and move forward in this beautiful purpose of yours. God has bless me in many ways and still is by Giving from the Heart…

  18. Lareshia on said:

    Hi, I just want to start off by saying thanks for helping the less fortunate. I’m asking for help for my kids. They are both in college and one is in Elementry. My daughters attend MTSU. One is in her third year and the other just graduated with her BA in Social work. My youngest Caresha is in her third year in college and she just lost her scholarship by one point. I’m supporting her in every way I can but, I can’t pay for college. Oh and she does have a three year old son of whom she is raising also. My oldest is Elexis she just got excepted to Brynmar College for Grad School. She starts in June 2014, but she needs to pay for room & board, but I don’t have it. We are trying our best throughout my family to help. But, I need outside help, so if you could Please help me Help them. Thanks in advance.

  19. Hi I’m a mother of two. I have a story just like everyone else. Needing your help would ease alot of worry and stress. But I knw its impossible to help everyone. Not saying that I’m not important as the next, but what’s the odds in my family actually gonna pick us. But he’s worth a try, hope you are my angel. We live in a small place in VA called Danville. I’m struggling to make ends meat. No I haven’t lose a family member to violence. But we are currently in a battle with other things. Nothing life threaten but its hard. If my family and I was choosing we will be very grateful. Well u have my email, I be waitin on an responses. Hope to hear from u soon

  20. Ashley Griffin on said:

    Hello game my name is ashley griffin an i am just writting to just first so ur truely a wonderful person.Well here a lil about me an my family i live in my boyfriend childhood home with my lil cousin an brother. They both dont really have anyone but me an my boyfriend. We are struggling to get them summer clothers an shoes on one income due to me being unable to work because of my medical issues. My boyfrien an i have lost three babies so we have put tht off for right now to take care of these 2kids. Thnks for ur time.

  21. Dear Game my name is Irma I am writing asking for help me and my family has been thought a lot we lost our grandmother and January 2013 we lost our aunt March 2013 we lost our Mother June 2013 we lost our father December 2013 we lost our brother March 2014 my brother lost his baby son May 4 2014 he was killed on the expressway that was his second son he lost please help us we been thought a lot.

  22. IZOLA TAYLOR on said:


  23. Christopher Domingue on said:

    I would like to open a home for people that is down and out in life. I spent 3 years in a faith based home. I would like to help others like I’ve been helped. I’ve been clean and sober for 14 years and been married for 11 years. There’s a need to help the drug addicts,alcoholics,homeless,gangbangers,and those that has been in prison. Everyone has a need for change. All they need is for someone to care for them . Please help me to help others. Thank you for the Robinhood project and God bless you.

  24. Andrea Long on said:

    dear game my name Andrea Long I lost two sons and one night I would just love to tell my story without the moneythey both was shot in the head. my son had a 4.00 and was shot in the head over fI started working with cmpd police depts. helping moms I travel with police to tell my story.iI live Charlotte nc..

  25. Lynette Matthews on said:

    Here is my story. I am a track coach for an inner city community track club, the MiBettah Track Club, in Phila., Pa. Each year, the team practices at a local college in preparation to compete in our weekly competition and to prepare for our final national meet. This year we go to Des Moines, Iowa to our National Junior Olympics. This year, we were unable to use the college facility bcuZ they are looking for child abuse and molestation insurance. This is a fee that we definitely can’t afford let alone the fees to attend our nationals each year. We rely heavily on bucket drives bcuZ they bring in more funds but at the same time I feel that it is dangerous for the children. We are asking for your help to help some inner city children to attend our nationals the event is held July 24-Aug 4, 2014. We thank you in advance for any help. God bless you.

  26. lavell on said:

    Game My Name is Lavell Holloway Ex Gang banger don’t want anything for my self I work wit a non profit and we are starting a youth football team and I have went to all of the black owned businesses in and around my hood not ask for all of the money that we need just asking for some help any help and if u could spread the word to some of your people that it is some kids in Knoxville Tenn. that need their help…. Thanks you even if u cant help us thanks for the lives u have helped…….

    Thanks Lavell Holloway

  27. Ex dope that lost it all things are looking up but I just can’t seem to get over the hump my lady is having kidney problems again I can’t get a decent paying job so we are living under two different roofs. I have 5 kids and 2 more that are hers I am taking the responsibility of being their father figure cause their dad isn’t in their lives and every child needs a father I am under going training to become a Pastor so I can help improve the life of others and change my community most of them are smoking ice and need a change for the better it would take a huge weight off of my shoulders and my families and all the praise would go to the Lord if you would help me. For I plan to do big things with my ministries out here may God keep blessing you for what you are doing in the world and helping those in need. Mr. Ronald A Johnson.

  28. Teresa Venegas on said:

    To the Robinhood foundation, sending you this message , hoping that you will be willing to help my Nice was gundown over the weekend in Fairfield, CA we need your help, god bless.


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  30. Sam Morgan on said:

    Hi, I am in need Financial assistance to aid in getting a place to live since being evicted due to being laid off work. I have a nine year old son and a child on the way. This is am unfortunate time for myself. I’ve left my problems in God’s hand and was guided to send this short but sincere message. Please assist in anyway you can.

  31. valerie todd on said:

    hi my name is Valerie I heard about your project helping families in need I have two kids a 11 year old and a2 year old I lost my job after I had my son 2 years ago we come from a very small town and jobs are very hard to come by my boyfriend does everything possible to provide for me and my two kids it takes all that he makes to pay our bills and put food on our table and diapers on my baby I’m just asking for help for my children if there’s any way possible that you can donate some toys for my kids god bless you you’re an angel from God

  32. Debra Gross on said:

    I’m asking you to please help make my daughter have a good birthday & Christmas, she’ll be 16 on December 9th. If you contact me, I’ll give you more information about my situation. Thank you!

  33. Hey I really hope this will actually get to The Game because I have actually been running into dead end on Facebook since Oct and I honest think all us deserve some help because all of us are struggling but this is what I have been sending to Facebook to Jaceyon Taylor but i actually think that’s a fan page. I sent them different time (9/26 Hi game my name is Chariece Peterson I understand u r giving money to the poor. Let me tell u why myself husband and and my 2 loving children need this money. First of all I work a full time job making 8.10 and hr my mortgage note is $424 for 33 years I bring home about 549 every two weeks all my income go into bills just imagine if you didn’t have any money to support your children with. GAme I don’t no have you every been in my shoes but it’s a hurting feeling when you can’t support your children for instance I can’t afford to buy my children but 1 pair of shoes fora year or one toy or they never go any where fun that’s a hurting feeling game I can’t explain it all own here but if u can get in contact with me and let me explain to you it will be great Game I need u this is not fake this is real life my house number is 662-962-2207 I am from 203 North Haladay Isola Mississippi 38754 please contact me I need u bad I am not a criminal I just want help with my children. 9/28 Hi game my name is Chariece Peterson I understand u r giving money to the poor. Let me tell u why myself husband and and my 2 loving children need this money. First of all I work a full time job making 8.10 and hr my mortgage note is $424 for 33 years I bring home about 549 every two weeks all my income go into bills just imagine if you didn’t have any money to support your children with. GAme I don’t no have you every been in my shoes but it’s a hurting feeling when you can’t support your children for instance I can’t afford to buy my children but 1 pair of shoes fora year or one toy or they never go any where fun that’s a hurting feeling game I can’t explain it all own here but if u can get in contact with me and let me explain to you it will be great Game I need u this is not fake this is real life my house number is 662-962-2207 I am from 203 North Haladay Isola Mississippi 38754 please contact me I need u bad I am not a criminal I just want help with my children. There where many more this is all I will copying and paste.

  34. Hello, my name is Denise, my mom owes 20.000 on our house, she has given up on life
    and doesn’t have any interest in anything for the last 3 years. She says she wants to be
    put in a convalescent hospital, I have went over and beyond to help her, other family
    members have left our side, I don’t want to lose this house, I have tried with her help to
    get a modification, but someone else s name is on the mortgage and no longer in the
    home. When she goes away i will lose this place and be homeless, please help.

  35. tina molina on said:

    hi I found out about your project and I was wondering if I could yeah Like really be that lucky and get some of your cash for my kids if you could thanks a mill love ya

  36. Angie Mitzel on said:

    Dear The Game

    Here is my story…. but… so tired of the struggles can’t catch a break.
    I’m really having a lot of hard times it’s one thing after another. I’m single disable parent mother of 3 daughters I work part time for a friend of mines who is very ill. I been thru hell and back and hell and back. I’m in the process of being evicted from my apartment… my neighbor are racist and they always complained about my daughters… my daughter’s are bi-racial. I’m still trying to get on the right track… my apartment broken into and there was all kinds of racial things on my walls and they cut the wire to all my electronic and they ruined everything… the trash… my place… nothing was salvageable. They wrote nasi sign on my walls and also calling me and n++++ -over. I was devastated and as i was clean everything out of my apartment i noticed that the as you go out the door the one wall said f&ck you the door said die and the other wall said.. slow. I could believe what they did to my apartment. I never gotten anything from my insurance company… for it.. it’s been 3 years later and i’m still trying to get furniture in my apartment and now on top of everything im been evicted.. I only have bed room suit for me and my daughter’s… my daughter’s have not had any kind of Christmas and didn’t get anything for the past 3 years… my youngest was saying why didnt santa come.. and then she went to school and everyone was saying what they got and my daughter did get anything. I feel like a failure as a mother… I’m just trying to make ends meet.

    Sincerely Angie Mitzel. If you want any more information please don’t hesitate to message me back… thank you.

  37. @thegame This is so amazing I cant believe i ran into this!!! My name is Alexsandra, I just turned 20 years old and I have a passion for aviation! I’ve loved airplanes ever since I was a little girl &&my one &&only dream is to become a fighter pilot for the U.S. Military! I am currently a private pilot &&junior in college &&before i graduate I need $30,000 to complete flight school that way I can graduate on time. My determination is set very high but it seems everywhere I turn I am denied. My family is behind me &&wants to see their 1st college student excel, but we dont have the money to support my dreams. I refuse to let my endeavors fail because of the setbacks that come my way ): &&hope that soon my endless nights of crying will be blessed with something greater that God has in store for me! Lord knows how far i’ve come &&i pray that I am granted this great opportunity you have to offer! (: @thegame my instagram is pilots_doitbetter !

  38. Hi GAME. I’M 22 about to be 23 ,December 22.I’m really in need of help..I’m staying at hotel and going though thing I shouldn’t have to, if my family Would be more like a family.I’m paying over 50$ a day.I don’t have a job because I don’t have a place for my two little brothers.I was work at this temp. service but they only call me for back up.

  39. romy mendoza on said:

    Me and my daughter and niece need rent money i was out of work due to domestic violence 600 in 3days or my landlord is gonna evict us we work but just cant seem to catch a break please help us .we live in boyle heights .just thought i would try daughter loves your music ..

  40. Been off work for year and half, husband has begining stage parkinson. Looking for a job but caught inbetween a 60 mile drive until we can afford to mover closer to work. RAK…would be a answered prayer!

  41. My husband is in AA and a friend of his is separated from his wife but they have a special needs child and couldn’t afford to live apart. Her boyfriend helped with the rent and the other night his wife died in her sleep at 48 years old. I wanted to reach out to you after seeing you on TMZ. I don’t have the money to help like I want to but I feel the need to do everything possible to try and get him help to be able to care and support his daughter.

    • I wrote to you on 9/21/13 and now on 9/26/13 we lost another dear friend. Larry was the dad of my oldest son who is a Marine, his best friend of over 20 years. He died in his sleep and he had no life insurance and had a job plastering and didn’t pay into Social Security. My sons friend is unable to move out because he has to help pay the bills. My son is speaking at the funeral and I am planning a fundraiser. I wish I could hit the lottery because I would go down as the most generous person that ever hit the lottery. There is no better feeling in the world than knowing you made a difference in someone’s life. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN.

  42. The Game is a generous man.. he just donated $22,500 to a woman in tiffin, ohio who lost all 5 of her young beautiful children and her fiancée in a home fire.. god bless this man for helping this young woman out.. GOD BLESS you Game.. you are a definite roll model… thank you for the hope that there are good and caring people left in this world

    Laurie Williams
    New Riegel, Ohio

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