If you don’t know who Luke James is by now–shame on you! This freshman class singer has hit the ground running and is on his way to becoming a household name. Luke has been seen as the new singer who opens for Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour and often makes the crowd wonder, “Who is that?!” long after he’s left the stage.

Wonder no more. Luke James has firmly planted his designer shoes in the heart of the music industry. The New Orleans-born soul singer feels he’s “skipped the line,” when it comes to his singing career. #TeamBeautiful is admittedly one of Luke’s biggest fans, as we’ve watched him grow into quite the crooner. Oh, and it totally helps that he’s dreamy!

“I do understand I have something and I accept it,” James says of his sex appeal. With his raw, sensual and acrobatic vocals and the killer abs and endearingly handsome face to boot, it’s fair to say that Luke is what’s next in the reincarnation of true R&B. No gimmicks, no autotune, no featured rappers–Luke James is the real deal. Check him out talking about being a sex symbol, opening for Beyonce and having a sound that spans generations.

One thought on “Luke James On Being A Sex Symbol & Beyonce’s Favorite New Singer [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

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