Jacque Reid goes “Inside Her Story” with Kentrell Collins, captain of the Prancing Elite, an all male dance team out of Mobile, Alabama.

Collins talks with Reid about their upcoming reality show, clears up some misreported information, lets us know what it takes to make the “elite” squad and explains how they landed in stardom.

Check out another performance below.

11 thoughts on “‘We Have the Same Talent and [Are] Probably Better Than Half the Girls Period.’ – Prancing Elite Captain

  1. ophelia on said:

    That was so-o-o-o-o embarrassing and disgusting. Men prancing around shaking their booties no wonder a single black women like me can’t find a man. Lord help us! I pray to God they don’t get a reality show and further embarrass the black race.

  2. pray for them! they are embracing something sooooo wrong and don’t even realize it! They are deceived! God OPEN their eyes!!!!!!!

  3. This is sooo disturbing to me. These men are prancing around in female clothes and performing female moves and snubbing female dancers.

  4. FIFTY AND PHUNE on said:

    This is disgusting I ain’t hating on no one because they are gay that has nothing to do with it but this is disgusting. Anybody can get a reality show nowdays. All they are doing is shaking their behinds and slanging their arms all over the place. noticed how some folks walked out. It’s disgusting.

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