Jay Z should get the Boss of the Year award!

According to Star, the hip-hop mogul recently made it rain at Roc Nation by dishing out $50,000 bonuses to each of his employees.

“Earlier this year he handed out $50,000 bonuses to everyone in his company, which includes assistants and very low-level people,” an employee told the magazine. “He knows if his employees are happy, it will benefit him in the long run. His only demand was for everyone to have fun with the money.”

The source went on to say that the Magna Carta Holy Grail rapper has no problem sharing his wealth.

“He’s extremely generous — most celebrities are supercheap when it comes to running their businesses,” said the insider.

Jay, who is the CEO of Roc Nation Records and Sports Management Agency, also has an early holiday present planned for his employees.

“He even promised another bonus for Christmas!” the source said.

Must be nice!

One thought on “Jay Z Gives Roc Nation Employees $50,000 Bonuses!

  1. Great!! Lots of people have been mouthing off about what JZ does, and doesn’t do. Just goes to prove that we shouldn’t believe everything we hear. For the record: It’s his money, and he can do with it what he likes….even if he didn’t give bonuses….it’s his money

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