Count Oprah Winfrey as a friend and apparent benefactor to Newark Mayor and New Jersey senatorial candidate Cory Booker.

Thursday, Winfrey will host a a fundraiser for Booker in New Jersey, according to Politico. The event will be held at Liberty House restaurant and tickets start at $1,000.

If you didn’t know, Booker and Oprah have been buds for quite some time. The Newark mayor made an appearance on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” in 2012. She also big’d him up in a Time magazine feature two years ago.

“Cory Booker is a genius,” she wrote. “I could sense it the first day I met him. His enormous intelligence is surpassed only by his heart. He is compassionate, committed, charismatic and generous of spirit.”

Mr. Booker’s a very lucky guy. Remember what happened to senator named Barack Obama after he got  his boost from Madame Winfrey?

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