Dr. Conrad Murray does not want testify in the AEG Live trial and he wants to make sure people know that.

The imprisoned doctor, who is serving four years for involuntary manslaughter, left a message on a friend’s phone that warns against forcing him to testify, he says, “Please stop. If you don’t, let this serve as my final warning to both sides. Don’t incite me to testify. Consider this as an imminent nuclear warning. Enough is enough.”

Adding, “I have no further tolerance for lies, for your deception, nor your insolence.” Before ending the message, he adds, “Tell the world that Michael had severed relationships with every member of his extended  family before he passed.”

What do you think about Dr. Conrad Murray’s message? What do you think he know?

8 thoughts on “Conrad Murray Threatens to Reveal ‘Nuclear Bombshell’ if Forced to Testify

  1. Teresa on said:

    At this point, I wish everyone would leave Michael ALONE. Enuf is enuf. This man can not even rest in death. Love you Michael.

  2. Beth on said:

    Oh please Debbie. MJ was depended on meds but he was NOT an addict. Look at his organs according to his death report. MJ used med when he had to tour because he stayed in pain for a back injury, the burn from 1984 and he develops a sleep problem when he does shows and practice. As for Murray,give me a break. Murray was the DOCTOR who did the injections and order the meds. What other doctors may or may not have done to MJ did NOT cause MJ’s death (that why MJ death was ruled HOMICIDE). As for what Murray claiming to have “bombshell”, give me a break. Everything under the sun has been said about the Jacksons regardless it is true or lies. And at this point who is going t believe anything Murray say. Only an idoit would take someone who is sitting is jail and who LIED about helping MJ when MUrray was talking to his “baby moma”.

  3. jenni2 on said:

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  4. Debbie on said:

    As I have stated before, I feel sorry for Conrad Murray. He is/was the fall guy for all of this bull. Every one speaking at the trial knew MJ was an addict before Dr. Murray got his degree. It is unfortunate this has happened to him. If I was him, I would tell it all if they brought me in the court house, all heads would roll from Katherine(I love her), to AEG. All of them knew MJ was an addict!!!

    • Beth on said:

      Feel sorry for him for what? Murray was a medical doctor who did not even know CPR and how to perform it right. He was talking to is “baby mama” while MJ lay there dying and left MJ alone. He lied about how long MJ was out of it BEFORE he called 911 to help. He had the wrong equipment to use when using prophol. This drug is safe IF used in the proper way. SO again, you feel sorry for him for what? At least in 2016, Murray will be out of jail and with his life. MJ is gone forever from this side of life while Murray sit and talk. And if MJ had all this so called “addictions” as claimed, that makes it worst because you do NOT use this drug out of the hospital, so why did MURRAY (regardless to what other doctors did) do it and used this medicine on MJ? Again, Murray is the doctor and I hold him more responsible because a patient can NOT do nothing without the doctor. If I go to my doctor and ask for mophine because I have sleep problem, he would look at me like I am stupid.

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