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Summer equals, fun, sun and, hitting the road with family. The kids are excited and everyone is ready to start vacationing. Don’t know where to go? Don’t worry. We’ve got a few ideas for you, no matter what your budget.

1.    Hit the Beach: One of summer’s most popular destinations, America’s beaches promise sun, surf and sand. From the east to the west coast, there are a variety of hotels, resorts and accommodations that offer many activities for families. If you’re willing to pay a little more and want more of the tropical experience, there are great deals for travel to the Caribbean and beyond. Check out’s top 10 beaches.

2.    The Tom Joyner Family Reunion: The event is full of activities for adults and children with entertainment from some of today’s most popular artists, full access to theme parks and more . If you’ve never been, this year’s Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion  at the Gaylord Resort can be the beginning of an annual tradition.

3.    Black History Tours: Not only can this be fun, but it can be educational for the whole family too. From the new Martin Luther King Memorial in D.C to Gullah Island in South Carolina to historically black colleges and universities across the country, these tours will enlighten and fill your family members with pride. With a little research, you can find black history almost anywhere in America.

4.    The Staycation: If you’re keeping to a strict budget but want to do something fun this summer, planning family fun right where you live can be a great option. If you live in a major city, play tourist, book a hotel room for the weekend on the other side of town and discover your city’s events or history. Plan a day of fun activities such as attending the museum, a water park, or enjoy other outdoor activities. Click here for more staycation ideas.