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Whether you’re single and looking or happily in a relationship with the man of your dreams, we all could learn a thing or two from hip-hop’s favorite couple: Jay-Z and Beyonce. The duo managed to become a power couple, killing the game and everything they touch. While they live a highly publicized life, they’ve managed to keep their relationship strong, making every girl long for her own personal “Jay” and every guy looking for a “Queen Bey.” Jay-Z and Beyonce have taught us a lot about love and how to keep that flame strong even after the show’s over and the cameras turn off.

Peep advice from the king and queen of music, Jay Z and Beyonce.

 Keep Your Relationship Private

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Bey and Jay manage to keep their relationship and the details of it private from everyone! This is probably the most important rule of them all. In fact, no one knew for sure if they were even dating or not until they were already years into their relationship! They’ve stayed away from the drama that many celebrity romances have encountered and keep the media gossip and rumors to a bare minimum, so much so that when you hear a negative rumor about the twosome you automatically believe it’s not true. All we know about Jay and Bey’s relationship is that they’re happily married and have a beautiful daughter, and quite frankly, that’s all we should know!

If you and your boo have the same group of friends, it’s probably best to keep the details about your relationship under wraps. The more people who know about your relationship, the better chances they have to change your view point about certain situations that you and your partner go through causing you to have a tainted outlook on YOUR relationship. Let’s remember, you can’t trust everyone! Telling your group of friends your relationship details opens the gate for rumors, fights and twisted versions of stories. Take a lesson from Bey and Jay, keep it private!

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