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Star Magazine is reporting that Denzel Washington‘s marriage is on the brink of divorce after Denzel cheating rumors circulated the web earlier this week.

The tabloid magazine is reporting that Denzel’s wife Pauletta has “reached her breaking point” after years of infidelity rumors.

Reportedly, photos of Denzel and another woman kissing are being shopped by an unknown source and it is the final straw for Pauletta.

Pauletta and Denzel are currently on the cover of Ebony celebrating their 30-year marriage.

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15 thoughts on “Denzel Washington and Wife Divorcing Amid Cheating Rumors? (REPORT)

  1. how can any body in their right mind cheat on this fine aging well of a man.they had a long marriage.dang every body is breaking up these days. i ,ve been married for 28 years.and still going strong.may god bless u both.

  2. Arlene McAdams on said:

    Get jesus christ on board. ASK your wife to forgive you and do not let satan destroy your lives an your marriage. Get into the body of christ an make it work. Do not give up. Let the third person go. A marriage is two wil be one not three.

  3. Ologbo Dudu on said:

    Please all pray for Outkast!!! Outkast is a scorned, hurt and hopeless individual because of a background with zero love.

    This individual doesn’t think good things (e.g a guy like Denzel and being with one woman for 30 years) even exist let alone happening to anyone. Some people need help and prayer more than criticism for their deed or statements y’all.

  4. I guess I’m more irritated that Black America Web chose to run this article based on a “Star” magazine article. What happened to doing the leg work yourself and validating the information before reporting it?

  5. The bottom line is, with so many White celebrities splitting up, the idea of a Black couple stillbeing married over 10 years, doesn’t sit well with tabloid writers.

    • Beth on said:

      Why? Sound like you are jealous of Denzel. Can you be trusted? If not, why expect so much of Denzel. I find it silly that people get upset with people when they come across as “clean cut” and people get mad if people are “nasty”. Make up your minds. As for Denzel, either way, I still think he is great actor. This mess, true or not true, will NOT break him.

      • Ide Ubajaka on said:

        Well said, Beth.
        30yrs of history must all come with a scar of sort. Guys, you all better hang in there. No guarantees outside for you. You’ve already done better than most.

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