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My Christmas Wish is for my friends and co-workers, Dennis and Billie.  Daily, they come to work at the Florida Department of Transportation where they are both well-respected by their peers for being hard workers and great people.  I guess you’re asking, “What’s the big deal?” Both Dennis and his wife have Cerebral palsy.  Cerebral palsy is characterized by an inability to fully control motor function, particularly muscle control and coordination.  It is caused by damage to specific areas of the brain.

Dennis and Billie live independently and are fully functional—despite the numerous physical challenges. They have been a huge encouragement to me. Unfortunately, they both have been falling in their home.  Dennis says, “That’s just part of the deal.” He never complains and tries to find ways to improve the quality of life for him and his wife. Recently, they joined a gym however it is located miles away and that limits their ability to get there.

My Christmas wish is to give Dennis and Billie a new treadmill, so they can increase their muscle strength, stability and endurance.   Dennis told me that Billie will probably lose her ability to walk within a few years, if she fails to exercise. I don’t want that to happen to her or him. Anything you can do to help with this deep desire of mine will be appreciated more than words can express.

Thanks in advance, Claudia Anderson