This week, the nation has been glued to their televisions watching the trial of George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin‘s killer. The testimony of many witnesses, first aid responders and Rachel Jeantel, the friend of Trayvon Martin who was on the phone with him until his death, has captivated viewers, especially blacks who are praying that the justice system works, at least this time.

Next week, the trial will get even more interesting as the photo of Zimmerman’s defense attorney, Don West, has surfaced on Instagram via his daughter’s account. A photo of Rachel and Molly West and their father was taken as they enjoyed ice cream. Seems harmless. But the caption is what is disturbing. It reads “We beat stupidity celebration cones #zimmerman #defense #dadkilledit”. Take a look at the photo caption below and let us know what you think. Should Don West be dismissed from the case as a result of the photo?

(Photo: Instagram)


100 thoughts on “SAD: Zimmerman Attorney, Daughter Post Horrible Instagram Photo About Rachel Jeantel

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  2. I never thought I would get to see the beginning of the end of the world. I truly hope our future generations will learn to appreciate and see the beauty inside themselves and others concerning how different we all look, act, and what we think. Hopefully this new generation will have the courage to love their brothers and sisters of this earth…because if they don’t we will get to experience “the last days” for real.

  3. Jiggy5 on said:

    Face it peeps, Rachael Jeantel aka Diamond, was a complete train wreck on the witness stand. Caught in multiple lies, disrespectful, rude, and just plain ignorant. She did heavy damage to the prosecutors case, but more noteworthy, put black women back about 10 years with dat “Keepin’ it Real” testimony.

    Peace out

      • JanCorey on said:

        Tami, I see the facts of this case still appear to be causing you some grief, there are many like you struggling with the Acquittal since it pointed out that you had been adamant George would be convicted and now you have been proven to be wrong in every rant and attack you have ever made on this case. Quite embarrassing for you and it must be difficult to be sooooo wrong for sooooo long. Best of luck to you in your recovery.

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  5. Charlie Towns on said:

    So let me get this straight Bev, You hate most white people as a general principle, but you are not a racist? Hmmmm.

    For those of you that claim just because I am white I am better off; I went to a pre 4th BBQ tonight Myself my wife, and my son were the only white people there. The rest were black (about 20 people there total). Out of that the people at that party I make the least amount of Money. I drive the oldest car, live in the smallest house. Several of them make six figures.

    The topic of race did come up. One of my friends (again who is black) said this: “Yes some people use the N word that are black, I do not. Most of the people who use it are un-educated. I was taught not to use any negative terms disparaging to ANY race, to include terms toward white people”.
    Before all of you say my friend is “acting white” and does not know hard times as a black man let me tell you about him. He grew up in the inner city of Detroit, un-employment was high and they often struggled. When we served in the Army together he would get extremely upset when he spoke about some of the blatant racism he experienced. I don’t blame him, it was not right the way he was treated.

    He is a diehard liberal and believes in all the social programs out there. His political views are very much in line with many of yours.

    Yet my friend does not hold me as a white man accountable for all the actions of all white people. He does not nor did anyone else there, because all of us value each other as people first, and skin color is not an issue to us.

    To those of you that state “I hate all white people” you are just as intolerant as those you claim to be against. I have NEVER treated anyone bad because of their race, and there are many like

  6. Mary King on said:

    Is that picture any more offensive then planning riots and Facebook pages kill Zimmerman. We have the right to trial right to a jury, both blacks and whites. Where are all of you when child molesters go free, when white, Hispanic kids are killed and the person gets off. do you care then are you angered. The LA riots did anyone care about the innocent white truck driver whose skull was crushed in 91 pieces or were his civil rights violated. Where we’re the screams of outrage where we’re the arrests. You will never have equality when you cry racism when things don’t go the way you want.

  7. lmfao: They NEVER said the witnesses name in the post, yet you assume it’s about her. WHAT IF the “stupidity” comment was directed to the States Prosecutor? The DA’s case has shades of stupidity. Like I said, your comments make you look… stupid.

    • Tami on said:

      We would sound ignorant speaking a language in court that’s not our first language as well. She speaks English as a third language.

  8. How many cases have this fool won, that he and his daughter have to celebrate his victory after his droning hours of cross examination of a 19 year old whose first language is not English? A cross examination should not be such a big deal for a lawyer accustomed to winning. Then again, his daughter probably trying to squeeze her 15 minutes out of this farce of a case.

      • Your various comments are completely disgusting. You are a racist animal and about as ignorant as they come, with a very poor understanding of the documented facts in this case. I hope you reap exactly what you sow.

      • JanCorey on said:

        My comments are not completely disgusting Diane Strong, they are factual. I am also not a racist animal as you claim, I am simply reflective of the Law and the evidence being considered in this case. I am also not ignorant as you also claim, I am simply representative of the facts in this case, nothing more. What I wished I could have reaped from this case was a chance to help Mr. Zimmerman extinguish the attack by that illegally-high-Trayvonm by inserting some more bullets into his skull when he was slamming Mr. Zimmerman’s head against the cement walkway.

      • TW Prescott on said:

        Mr. Zimmerman, just like many whites, aren’t satisfied until they get what they’re looking for! Had Zimmerman left Trayvon alone and not pursued him like the 911 Operator told him, he wouldn’t be on trial and Trayvon wouldn’t be dead! Zimmerman, a stranger, kept following this MINOR! Trayvon didn’t him so of course he became agitated! You are ignorant JanCorey! Your reply has more run-on fragments instead of sentences than Zimmerman’s statement! You need a dictionary and a few English courses…

      • JanCorey on said:

        TW Prescott, Mr. Zimmerman did exactly what dispatch asked of him contrary to your uninformed position. Had he left Trayvon alone, Trayvon may have burglarized yet another property and put residents in more fear and jepordy because Trayvon has been proven to be high in illegal substance(s). I am not ignorant either as you claim TW, simply relying upon the facts of this case. More schooling for me? How many more college/university degrees should I have hanging up on my walls TW? The wall is covered with those now already.

      • “Kneegrow” – a word that brought a smile to your non-racist heart. Marijuana, by the way, Jan, is a misdemeanor and in some instances, a legal substance in America. It is not a capital crime, and you are in no position to ascertain how high Trayvon Martin was on adrenaline or anything else, and that is a fact. Your new disgusting statement about wanting additional bullets in that teenager’s skull, of course confirms that your previous disgusting statements were not slips of the keyboard. This is racism is eclipsed only by hatred. I did notice that you did not object to my describing you as “ignorant”, however.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Diane Strong, “Kneegrow” is the funniest term I have seen in a long time, not racist, just comical. And, the marijuana in Trayvon’s possession is a crime in and of itself. I hate criminals and if they beat a victim’s head on a cement walkway and get shot, I am truly happy for them to get that type of result because I would have done the same except I would have unloaded my entire clip up each of the batterers nostrils. Trayvon was not high on adrenaline as you claim, he was high on dope. Not racist, just factual.

      • You are a total ass who is full of hate. I’m sure you drink alcohol heavily, it’s legal and destructive, more so than marijuana…much more so. I hope that all the hate you reserve for others comes right back to slap you in your ignorant mouth. What goes around comes around.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Diane Strong, contrary to your analogy of better-informed people like me, it appears that you are the one full of hate as you attack any fact-provider that you do not agree with hatred and venom concerning the reality of this case. There is help out there for people like you, and perhaps you should check with your own doctors to make a determination of a possible increase or change to any of your obvious psychotropic medications regiment.

  9. Tami on said:

    Amen! If Americans have a problem with how well she speaks, they should question the education that she has received in America. America will spend more on wars and other countries, than they spend EQUALLY educating ALL of its citizens.

  10. Most of you are denying the fact that the 911 operator REPEATEDLY told Zimmerman that he did not need to follow Trayvon. I’m human & if you chase me I will only run so far before my survival instincts kick in & I turn around & fight. Back anything or anyone into a corner & that’s what happens. Zimmerman followed, got his tail whipped & shot Trayvon because he couldn’t beat him with his fists.Color IS an issue because that’s the reason he followed him in the first place…DUH!!!

  11. Charlie Towns on said:

    I am here for 24 hours Tami, nothing more to do today as I am on Charge of Quarters. I have plenty of Black hispanic and white friends. I just have nothing better to do today than come here and point out the double standard which you defend. It really does not bother me one way or the other what you think. The only thing I really dislike and find bothersome is I am forced to listen to this ignorant talk each morning by a co-worker. But today, you are right I am bringing it on myself.

    Most of the Black folks I know have made something of themselves and they do not think at all like the mentality that you have defended here.

    • Charlie Towns on said:

      And I never said African Americans were ignorant, those are your words not mine! I work with almost every differnt ethnic group each day. I will say that Tom Joyner is a race pimp, and I know what he preaches is more dividing than anything I have put on here. Can you say you suround yourself with diversity on a daily basis, or do you just stick with those of your race and shun others?

    • So what you are saying Charlie is that black people do not have a right to be angry at the injustice and years of being treated like animals? Because that is what it sounds like. When minorities speak out you call them racist as well? That’s like saying if a rape victim lashes out at his or her attacker then they are rapist too? You white people have some nerve to think that minorities are gonna continue to accept your vile behavior and still be cordial to you. That’s your problem.

  12. Charlie Towns on said:

    I ask whomever is responsible for monitoring this fourm. You took down openly racist comments against blacks(which I do not have a problem with). Will you do the same if it is Racism against whites? As of now it would appear you will not. How can you think you have any credibility on race issues when you are so one sided?

    • Tami on said:

      Get your life, loser. If African Americans are so ignorant, as you would like to believe, why do you come on an African American website to troll and entertain yourself? I think you have a secret desire to be black, or at least bi-racial, so you could have some of that beautiful color and culture. Blame your mama, not us. Even black men have standards. Sorry!

      Where are all of your good white friends? You all don’t have anything to do? I am sure that the white’s with sense have plenty to do, they just didn’t want to do it with you and your other loser crew.

      Go fascinate yourself with other black news, such as the Presidents trip to Africa. I know that one really has you guys steaming. LOL!!!

  13. Why- as you state in your article “blacks who are praying that the justice system works” – why do we always pray in cases like this? – why do we not pray for justice in the 95%+ cases where we are killing each other – has that become acceptable.

    • Charlie Towns on said:

      KD this site is not about empowering anyone as it claims. Your resoning is valid! This site is about ratings for Tom Joyner and making him more money! He is not interested in any type of social justice or reform. He foucus’ on these social hot button issues to stir up the weak minded, and line his pockets with more money. Even this fourm is one sided to cater to his audience. They will take down racist rants against blacks (as well they should) but then leave them up against whites. and why? It is what his weak minded listeners want and he will not offend them. In short he is a race pimp.

  14. donta on said:

    I am so glad that God hears everything that we say and think, and see everything that we do…It will all be played back to us when our father in heaven comes to judge us! May God have Mercy on us all.

  15. Charlie Towns on said:

    I would like to point out the whom ever monitors this fourm that you took down some comments from Jan Corey which were openly racist towards blacks. Will you have the same moral fiber to take down the above comment which is openly racist towards whites? My money is on no, because you make a living off of promoting a victim mentality. You excuse black racism while you try to manufacture racism against blacks where sometimes there is none. If you have any character at all you will remove Ms. Truths comment.

    • JanCorey on said:

      Not being racial, just being factual; big difference, look up the facts for yourself, nothing I have commented on is untrue. I find more contentment is being truthful and honest than ranting and raving things that are just ludicrous.

  16. Charlie Towns on said:

    Ms. Truths,
    Thanks for proving my point about the type of people that listen to Tom Joyner. I am not the one who is scared I put my name up here. I am not happy that a 17 year old is dead. But any objective look at the situation you can not determine beyond a resonable doubt what happened. So how can you convict someone. If Travon were white you would not care.

    As far as being a “Cyber thug” I put my real name up here you did not. So you tell me who is scared and hiding.

    • JanCorey on said:

      Good for you Charlie Towns, well said. Haters just hate the actual facts of this case because it is so different from what the media has portrayed.

  17. Charlie Towns on said:

    Jan you must work for Tom Joyner. He has you write that garbage you just wrote so he can talk trash on white people. The situation is not good even if Zimmerman acted in self defense. A 17 year old kid is dead! How is that good? And yes it is true Zimmerman commited no crime by following him. It is also true it is not a crime to walk around carrying large amounts of money for all to see, but in some neighborhoods it is bad judgement. Zimmerman will walk, because the facts are not conculsive, and it looks as though it was self defense from what we did see. But you should not be glad a 17 year old lost their life. What is wrong with you?

  18. Terry Hutchins on said:

    What I find more interesting than the picture is that it’s posted on “”. If someone even attempted to create a website called “” they would never get away with it because that would be racist. WTF???

    • Renee on said:

      Don’t be offended just go to the KKK website where you belong! You can TALK ABOUT IGNORANCE AND HATRED with them!

      • Charlie Towns on said:

        Well Renee,
        Perhaps you could discuss that ignorance of Terry Hutchins comments at your next black panther meeting. It is a perfectly reasonable observation to note that this is black america web, and whites in our society are not allowed anything that even closely mirrors this name for them. So if I am proud of my heritage I guess I am a racist huh. Even though I traced my ancestors back to england and NONE of them owned slaves I would be painted with that brush!

        Are you one of these people that hang everything that comes against you on race? Juding from your comment I would think you are. How sad, this is now the state of our society. Most of you on here never really even considered Zimmerman might have been acting in self defense. You say the kid was black, and right there he must have been a victim! You are a Racist yourself, but society is to politically correct to call you out.

    • Beverly Ward on said:

      We’ll that what you get for doing it decades and for centuries you are every white person is a fucking racist so stop trying to pretend that you’re not. You wouldn’t trade places with any person of color because you know you all have benefits that no other minority has. Stop trying to minimized how you have it. You have everything handed to you so don’t try to say because we have a few things that if some white ass person has a website like this it would be call racist. You are what you are.

  19. Rich white successful man enjoys ice cream with beautiful daughters with big smiles while sitting in a 7 Series BMW…. after trashing the prosecutions hope for a win!

    WOW that’s gotta hurt you libs….eh?

    • JanCorey on said:

      Trayvon was NOT unarmed, he used the cement as a weapon. Thank God Mr. Zimmerman had a gun. Gun_Control is being able to hit your target. Try, instead jhuff, to deal with the actual facts of the case.

      • Beverly Ward on said:


        That’s why I hate mother fuckers like you. You think its ok to kill some innocent black child he was minding his own business how the hell is that self defense I hope that happens to your crazy white ass and than maybe you will see that shit is not cool. He killed that boy plain and simple no justification will do. He needs to be in prison for the rest of his life and you should get your ass whipped.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Trayvon Martin is not innocent as proven by the facts of this case. Rest-in-pieces Trayvon and good riddens.

      • RENO2AC on said:

        Just wondering…Jan, you’re walking down the street, drinking a Dr. Pepper, minding your own business, talking on your cellphone to a friend, when out of no where a black guy starts following you! You tell your friend about it, then you start to run. The black guy starts to run after you. What would you do?

      • JanCorey on said:

        RENO2AC, I would stop running, I can’t see myself ever running away from anything. If that person in your scenario verbally threatened me, I would simple walk away from that person. But, if that person struck me with a fist or a weapon, I would defend myself and take actions necessary enough to eliminate the threat. If that person struck me as in the case of Trayvon Martin, I would strike that person back attempting to gain an opportunity to extricate myself from that harm, but if that person used a weapon like a cement-walkway against my head, I would unload my firearm into said-suspect until the threat was minimized to the point that I could extricate myself from the immediate threat. Simple.

      • Tami Quintana on said:

        Are you a wounded soldier? If so, was your injury head related? Do you understand what the concept of flee or fight means? Do you understand that the young man, not grown man, tried both? When fighting for your life, as T.M., when confronted by a presumed threat, do you wait to see if you can get away, wait for the enemy to pull it’s weapon and shoot first, etc? If so, I can see how you may have ended up wounded. You have to be the most dumb-founded creature that had the pleasure to wake up this morning. You were asked to answer a scenario and you couldn’t comprehensively do that. Read a book, visit a museum. Currently, you are marinating in depression and are blaming all minorities, in your head, for your problems. Change your attitude and things will turn around for you. You’ll make friends, maybe find someone, etc., and you won’t have to troll around seeking negative attention. I would suggest buying a dog, but that will be unfair to the poor creature.

      • JanCorey on said:

        I see facts are something you are afraid of. OK, I understand you are not well-informed. best of luck to you.

  20. Mrnobody on said:

    Can’t see the big deal, he’s having an ice cream with his daughter between a break what’s the big deal? isn’t he allowed a life outside being a lawyer?

  21. John on said:

    Why do people waste their time trying to reason with ignorant fucks like the JanCorey and his followers? He has no desire whasoever to see your point. He’s a racist piece of shit, and as soon as the “thugs” began to unleash the hail of gunfire on HIM and those who think like him, the day the country will become better. I don’t believe in showing no fucker love who doesn’t have love for or respect me. Fucks like him are always in the mode of playing the hunter, but ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun. They never expect it will be THEM to have to give up THEIR lives. That’s why they stay talking shit like they do. Fucking cowards.

      • John on said:

        Let me put something on your mind real quick Spuds. If and when shit does hit the fan, you had better be prepared to deal with a lot of shit your never imagined or accounted for. Do you realize that the world population is 70% people of color? Do you realize the U.S. is already tipped to where the number of people of color outnumber Whites? Do you honestly believe that White folks are the only people out here with AR-15s and other assault style weapons?

        Have you ever stopped to think about the ramifications of conflict and war? Do you understand that when these things happen the punishment that is put upon people? I want to remind you of Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Somalia, etc. Think about those types of atrocities being placed upon you, your kids and family when they are confronted or captured. No, don’t just think about being shot and killed (or blown up), think about the anger and resentment that will be taken out on you as those who rise up against you unleash hundreds of years of frustration from oppression and wrongdoing to their people and ancestors on you and your family. Imagine you or your children, family members not being shot, but getting your heads chopped off or bellies split wide open so that you can experience that pain? Or imagine having yourself shot up and then buried waist deep for a stoning? You see, you don’t account for these things. You see, people have been oppressed so badly by those of your mind and kind it would not be hard to pull that type of evil from within.

        Furthermore, your shit WILL be taken in the process, so what weapons you had will be used against those on your side. See Spuds YOU have no heart. You fear death. People who live in hell on earth do not, because they are in hell already. You and people like you had better wake up, because there is a lot of coldness and lack of mercy that will be visited upon you. Please understand that the best thing for this country is for racist fucks like you to wise up and learn how to manage your feelings of inferiority (which masquerades as superiority) and learn how to live in peace with people who do not look like you. Otherwise, you need to prepare yourself for the nasty shit that will surely come your way when YOU set the powder keg off.

        Now some people mind read this and view it as over the top and shocking. But unless we are ready to deal with things in truthfulness and totality we shouldn’t deal with it at all.

    • John its the same person using different screen names…..ip address is the same for all the individuals. Kinda pathetic!

  22. Had the victim been caucasion, “certain” whites with deep hidden issues towards blacks, undoubtedly would be singing a different tune. It’s the Ole Double Standard!
    “Offspring of Hitler”

    • JanCorey on said:

      If Trayvon’s girlfriend was in the picture helping Trayvon to assault Mr. Zimmerman by bashing his head into the cement, she should be shot as well. And if the parents were also there committing such crimes too, they too should have been shot. Self-defense under such circumstances is not a crime.

      • Betty on said:

        White people talk shit online, they sure ass hell will not go there in public! They lay their baby power, ironing board asses out in the sun to get dark like African Americans, but still talk SHIT!

      • JanCorey on said:

        You’re right, Betty, Travis is a pedophile and Jodi is just a hot. The world is a much better place now that Jodi eliminated Travis from abusing another women or little boy. Thank you Ms. Arias and praise the Lord.

  23. You sound ignorant as fuck. He was a innocent kid for crying out loud! “thug” is not the proper term to be used honey.. He had skittles and a tea. Zimmerman had no right following him. The dispatcher said do NOT follow him. So i hope he rots in hell. Society is screwed with dumb fucks as yourselfs.

  24. I have no doubt that Zimmerman will go free. West knows it too and he probably wants nothing to do with this case and this little “trick” should get him recused. He does not want his family falling prey to ignorance and vengeance after the verdict is read.

    • JanCorey on said:

      I agree PJ, no one should be charged with a crime after being assaulted by a thug high on illegal drugs who threatened to kill you. Now, it time to lock up the prosecutor and the parents of that thug and give an ability to all Americans to shoot any hoodie that threatens one’s life with zero prosecution.

      • Phar on said:

        I guess I should just shoot your asss, for this comment… sound really stupid….IJS

      • He was high on illegal drugs at that moment? Where do you get your information? Prosecute a prosecutor for taking a case? Prosecute parents for raising a teenager, who wasn’t perfect, but wrongfully shot? Shoot anyone with a hoodie? You are just as stupid as those dumb blonds who instagrammed that message. Those whores dad’s would be the first to push them on a black man with money regardless of if he was wearing a hoodie, or not able to speak the queens English. And as far as his family falling prey to ignorance after the verdict is read, I think it is to late. They are all obviously disillusioned and stupid. Karma is something they and you two should worry most about.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Yes, high on illegal drugs while committing a crime against Mr. Zimmerman. No sympathy here, I would have helped Mr. Zimmerman by unloading more shots into Trayvon’s skull.

      • Annette Haskins on said:

        I have a hoodie and a masters degree and a good job. I live in the suburbs, should I be judged because some fool is on the neighborhood watch and following me, or do I get to shoot him because he is following me. You assume this kid was a thug because he had a hoodie on, you do realize it was raining, and he was authorized to be in the area. I know you will not agree with this this because you refused to see an alternative viewpoint maybe due to mental illness, but to classify this young man as a thug due to a hoodie/black is totally irresponsible, and why this country is in such bad shape

      • JanCorey on said:

        Annette Haskins, may I suggest you shoot anyone who is threatening your life with deadly force just like Trayvon Martin did to Mr. Zimmerman. His reaction, by Mr. Zimmerman, likely saved his life and Trayvon has been proven to be of no consequence or value to the neighborhood. Had it been me, Trayvon would not have sustained only one bullet wound.

    • Sorry PJ, I’m a little more optimistic! If Obama can be POTUS in MY (and my older family members’) lifetime, facts are facts! HE KILLED AN UNARMED CHILD! If this child was white or gay, would you feel the same way?

      • JanCorey on said:

        Trayvon was armed, he used the cement sidewalk as a lethal weapon against victim-Zimmerman. Thank God Mr. Zimmerman had a gun to protect himself from the attack from that pot-head-thug.

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