Summer is in full swing and nothing beats the dog days more than a great barbeque! While we all love the traditional American style BBQ with burnt hot dogs (and yes, I said burnt hot dogs), hamburgers and barbeque chicken, nothing beats a cool themed summer party! If you’re like to play party hostess and plan amazing events for your friends, here’s a list of five fun summer party ideas that’s guaranteed to be a great time!

1. Hawaiian Luau


Can’t make it to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii this summer? Well, bring the beaches of Hawaii to you! Relaxing under a tiki torch and sipping an exotic drink in a lounge chair with some of your closest family and friends is definitely the next best thing! Invite your friends to participate by wearing a grass skirt and a coconut bra while you dance the night away! Add orchids to the décor and a playlist that includes island music to set the mood and just like that, you’re in full Hawaiian Luau mode!

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