Roland Martin talks with journalist Yoruba Richen about her documentary “The New Black” which explores gay marriage in the black community and the black church.

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2 thoughts on “Is the Black Community Less Accepting of Gay Marriage?

  1. joey on said:

    Why do they always ask Us, about Political things, and things that have nothing to Do with Black folks

    Why is it that we always have to be invovled in what Society is doing or what kind of decisions ….

    there making? WHat do blacks think of GAY Marriage…. WHy ask us? THis society is in a Race War they do not want us to work at there jOBS,, they do not us to walk through our neighborhoods,, with a hoody on.. They CAN SHOT US DOWN… AND KILL OUR CHILDREN.

    They think all black people do is raise THUGS.!!!!,,, NO I Do not believe in same sex marriage never have and never will. I will not jump on the bandwagon,, just because man has told us that we have to accept it and Respect this. WE have never gotten Respect from anyone. we are still fighting to have Equal Rights for People of Color. They wanna stop us from voting ,, THe wanna go back over the CIVIL RIGTS BILL… Please I will never believe what man believes. GOD made his Covenant with WOman and Man. Not man and man and woman with woman.. please Give it up.!!!

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