LOS ANGELES (AP) — A judge says he is inclined to unseal portions of choreographer Wade Robson‘s court filings alleging he was abused by Michael Jackson but that details of the alleged molestation should remain out of public court filings.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff made the comment Thursday to attorneys for Jackson’s estate and lawyers for thee choreographer and television personality.

Robson has accused Jackson of abusing him for seven years when he was a child, but most of the court filing remains under seal.

Beckloff said he needed to address which elements of Robson’s May 1 filings should be public before he could address whether the choreographer can pursue his claims.

The judge said he believed a psychiatrist’s declaration about Robson’s allegations should be completely sealed.

(Photo: AP)

One thought on “Portions of Jackson Abuse Claims May Be Unsealed

  1. Amber3 on said:

    Now, we are going to read what this liar is reporting as abuse. I wonder if he is going to make the claim like one liar did in saying MJ abused him and stole the song billie jean from him? It is sad someone can make a claim against you and you have to fight it in court. And for MJ is it worst because he is dead and anyone can say whatever they want. Paris has to listen to these liars lie on her daddy. This is just wrong.

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