Another Sanging Diva Added To The Group of Sanging Divas

LaTocha Scott, formerly of Xscape, also joined the cast this episode and sided up to Keke pretty fast. The two found out that they had a lot in common and realized that they were both managed by their husbands.  While on a shopping trip, LaTocha and Keke decided that it would be a great idea for the four of them to double date so they could get to know each other a little better. LaTocha knew Keke was a little crazy, but she was willing to give her and her husband a try. When LaTocha and her husband met with Keke and her husband, they seemed to hit it off pretty fast until Keke started talking about her and her husband’s working and personal relationship. LaTocha realized that she and Keke were different in how they handled their husbands and Keke let everybody know right off the bat that she was a tripper and not to be messed with. Overall, the dinner went well and the couples toasted to new friends and happiness.

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