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Actor Michael Clarke Duncan’s untimely death last September was a sad event for his family, his fiancee, reality star Omarosa Manigualt and the fans who loved his work in movies like “The Green Mile.” But since his death, his sister Judy and Omarosa have had some issues. Fans of “The Celebrity Apprentice” may remember harsh comments that Claudia Jordan made about Manigualt and on the March 17th episode of the last season, Manigault left a task to try and stop the tabloids from releasing the teary 911 call became ill. Judy Duncan called the Tom Joyner Morning Show to try and set the record straight.

The biggest revelation is that Manigualt may not have been Duncan’s fiancee after all.

“When I sat in the hospital in July, she brought me an 8 1/2 by 11 inch photo of a hand with a ring and said ‘Look at this picture we’re engaged,’ and then I did not see a ring. Then in diferent photos, there are different rings. Now I spoke to people within Michael’s camp, people who were familiar with Michael’s finances, things that he buys. If Michael was going to buy you a ring it was going to be expensive, first of all. And you would have had that ring on and you would have wanted people to see.”

Duncan says that contrary to a TMZ report that said the two were secretly planning Janurary 2013 nuptials, there was no wedding date set. Manigault and Duncan had been dating since 2010, reportedly meeting in a Whole Foods store.

“Michael was not engaged,” Duncan asserts. “Because the first person he would have told would have been my mom. And with her living with me, then I would have known.”

Duncan’s main issues with Manigualt is that Duncan died alone. After an initial heart attack in July that left the actor hospitalized until his death in September, Manigualt was at the Tom Joyner Family Reunion with her mother when Michael died unexpectedly.

“We were told by her, that her mom was there, holding his hand, reading Scriptures to him as he passed. And she was on the cruise,” Duncan says. (Tom corrected her; Manigualt and her mother were attending the Family Reunion in Orlando, when Duncan died.)

I am devastated,” Omarosa said at the time,  in a statement to “He was the love of my life.”

Duncan told the TJMS that she can’t speak directly to any issues with the will. Reportedly, though Omarosa is the main beneficiary of Duncan’s reported $18 million dollar estate,  Judy was left $100,000 from the will. Judy has hired a lawyer, claiming that her ill brother was not in mental or physical shape to sign any papers.

“I find discussing finances so distasteful in public,” Judy said. “Our legal team has told us due to legalities we really can’t talk about the will. We are included. My issues now are not so much money. There’s not enough money that can be given to me to make up for the loss of my brother and I’m the caretaker of my mom. My mom is 93 and she lives with me and I take care of her. But there are some other issues.”

Duncan says she is looking for the return of photos and other personal property and that despite emails to Omarosa that she has in her possession, the items have not been returned. At this point in time, Judy confirms that the two women are no longer in communication. On her end, Omarosa has denied any wrongdoing.

“I don’t control the estate or the finances and Judy knows it,” Omarosa said earlier this year. “If you saw all of her emails and texts to me you would see that she is just trying to get money from me, and threatened going to press if I did not give it to her and that is a crime!” said Manigault.

Despite the rift, Judy says she doesn’t expect to go to court. She also says she was not estranged from her brother at the time of his death as has been claimed. She and her family were at the funeral. If anything, Duncan seems hurt by the lack of regard she says Manigualt has had for her and her family during such a sad time.

“There are just things that we wanted that we didn’t get and we’ve been lied to about some things,” Duncan says.

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18 thoughts on “Judy Duncan: My Brother Was Not Engaged to Omarosa

  1. At least have some respect for the 93 year old mom she doesn’t need a mom
    It is clear that omorosa is a conniving, money hungry mistress of manipulation.. I’m not surprised by this back story.

  2. Patrisha on said:

    I knew Mikey well and I know this is late however he loved him some Mom and Judy. He would never do this to his beloved niece and her kids let alone his mother. I am shocked! When Judy had that first child it was if it was his. I pray that that women is fair he after only knew her for what two years. We spoke quite often. Sad sad and very sad.

  3. sashay on said:

    This story is flawed…the sister said her problem is that michael died alone …well he would not have to IF the sister had also remained by his side….she putting the responsibility all on Omarosa as if SHE herself was not able to go visit him (her brother) at the hospital….people get so phony when it comes to a will…all of a sudden they were so close to their loved ones…my husband sister will never get a dime if he passed because of the ignorant stuff she has done to him in the past so family is not automatically entitled to your money just because they are family

    • Tami on said:

      I thought it was strange ,as well, that she knew that he wasn’t doing well and was not there. She expected for a lady, whom she says she didn’t believe was even engaged to her brother, or the lady’s mom to be by his side as he passed and then send his things to her and her family. Legally it is theirs, but I would be so low key and wouldn’t want anyone to know that I didn’t handle my business when it came to seeing about my single brother who was sick.

  4. I have heard Michael Clark Duncan speak of his tremendous love for his mother. I can’t believe he would leave her uncared for or his sister who is her caregiver.

  5. Engaged, Michael Duncan reportedly with the love he had for his mom – doesn’t seem like a fool to leave a girl friend/fiancee, 18 million dollars. Something seems amiss and I am by no means an Omarosa hater, but I believe in fairness and honesty. I hope that she is on the straight here, because if she is not, it will return with a vengeance.

  6. wenmichimar on said:

    Im suspicious of the fact a updated will was signed not too long before his death leaving Omarosa almost the entire estate. But perhaps he did it in preparation of marriage. It’s a shame but always interesting how families get crazy & low over the wills/estate of the deceased.

  7. Tami on said:

    Legally, unless written in a will, his family gets all of it because he was not married to her. She might as well give the things that she can’t take with her into another relationship to his family, unless she plans on remaining single. (His jewelry, pictures, clothes. awards, etc.) No man would want to look at items that belonged to someone else.

  8. RENO2AC on said:

    People leave their money to whom they want to leave their money. Families aren’t always close. He didn’t have to leave his sister anything! I’m always amazed when relatives of the deceased wants to dictate somebody else’s money! That was HIS money, not his sister’s. If his sister had gotten a couple million, she would probably still be complaining that she should have gotten ten million!

  9. Get a life women! This is a waste of time and plus just because “you” didn’t see a ring on her finger does not mean that they wasn’t engaged. You and your mother both all up in Micheal’s love life! Get you man! Get mama one too. You are a hater!!

    • Monique on said:

      The family knows their loved one far better than the Amarosa! I believe the family is definitely telling the truth. There is something fishy about Amorosa! And why wouldn’t the family get his stuff before her? They definitely come first! They weren’t married!!

    • At least have some respect for the 93 year old mom she doesn’t need a mom
      It is clear that omorosa is a conniving, money hungry mistress of manipulation.. I’m not surprised by this back story.

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