This episode of “Braxton Family Values” was all about family, happiness and babies! Traci and Towanda hit the gym with their crazy trainer, Trina tried to convince her husband to move to the West Coast and the rest of the girls got together in California for a big cook off where Tamar announced her big news: she’s pregnant! Find out what happened below:

Tamar’s Big News

big news

Vince and Tamar have gone back and forth with the whole baby issue for quite some time, so you can imagine my surprise when Tamar revealed that she and Vince were expecting! No one in the family knew yet except her and Vince and Tamar was looking for the best opportunity to share the news with her sisters. The first person Tamar wanted to tell was Mommy but she was nervous that her mom would now know that she actually “did it” with her husband! Once Tamar finally admitted the news to her mom, she was overly excited and couldn’t believe that her baby was having a baby! She promised not to spill the news to the rest of the sisters and decided to stick around for a little longer to cook for her and Vince.

Sister’s Cookoff


The girls decided to get together for a cook off in California and throw down in the kitchen with their mom’s favorite recipes. Since each sister thought they were the best cook in the family, this cook off was taken very seriously and all the girls had their game faces on and were ready for war. Tamar brought all of her sisters over to tell them the big news so they wouldn’t think she was getting fat for no reason (LOL). When the girls raised their glass for a toast, Toni pointed out that Tamar was drinking water instead of alcohol and wondered why she couldn’t drink. Tamar responded with, “I can’t have any alcohol because I’ve been doing it and I’m pregnant!” Leave it to Tamar to reveal the news that way! Of course, this caused for a celebration including the “bun in the oven” song and they all celebrated the news as a family.

The Final Showdown


It was finally time for the big cook off and the girls were ready to throw down. Trina made the sweet potato pie, Towanda made blackberry dumplings, Toni made BBQ chicken wings and Traci made fried cabbage. Tamar made the chicken and dumplings and let out her secret that it was that dish that helped her get a ring (single ladies, take notes!).  After the food was finished, Mommy tasted everything and refused to pick a winner but knew who the loser was: Toni’s chicken wings!

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6 thoughts on “Tamar: ‘I’ve Been Doing It & I’m Pregnant’ ‘Braxton Family Values’ [RECAP]

  1. joey on said:

    @ Kay just like you said Sheese! and You didn’t think that I didn’t know about how reality Tv works
    I was not getting that serious, I was just letting you know that ,, I watch because I like the braxton’s background. you where the one getting down on me. but Like I said I know how it works, and I know everything is not everything. but hey NO BIg deal. Just a comment like I said to you.

  2. joey on said:

    I cannot believe trina stayed with GABE ,, who been cheating on her, last year she wanted out the her marriage, what happened,? why did she continue to stay with that shady azz GABE, he still is not right. Trina everything must have changed, he must had spent some Big money on you, what is going on with these Shady Husbands, I still would not trust him,,, wow she did a 360 back-flipped.

    • I can’t believe you actually spend time watching people live fake lives and then rack your brain trying to figure out why the do what they do. Here’s a tip. They do the things they do because no one would sit around and watch someone living a normal life on tv. Without the monkey shining, not even you would watch it. “Reality tv” is not real people! Sheese!

      • joey on said:

        @ kay I can watch whatever I want I have always been a fan of toni braxton since she first hit the stage, I know about reality tv, I’m not a total Fool, I just commented on it, because I knew I would get a response. so here you are commenting. Monkey Shining. What do you mean? on that one, Did you make a mistake in you typing because you got excited about my comment. Please Kay don’t get so serious. its just a question. and Yes I do watch the braxtons, when I get a chance. but other than that
        it was just a comment,.. Get yourself together. ( Brush up on your typing skills)..

      • Nope. No mistake. Meant exactly what I said. I never said you were a fool. Please don’t get so serious. It was just a comment.

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