File this under wait what? Thanks to Hip Hop DX we stumbled on to this story. Apparently, John Legend was on The Russ Parr Morning Show this morning and in the conversation, he compared Rick Ross to Isaac Hayes. Well, yes of course, we clearly see where he’s going with this, wait, actually no, no we don’t.

Said Legend;

“I feel like Rick Ross is kinda like a soul artist in a way because the way he uses music is very soulful. I was listening to his album yesterday and he just knows how to pick the right music to put around his voice. He has a very soulful voice. He’s almost like an Isaac Hayes of Hip Hop or something,” Legend explained.

Isaac Hayes fans everywhere are probably ready to chuck rotten tomatoes at us for even speaking about this comparison! We’re not sure what would make John Legend publicly say that, let alone think it. But since he did, we’ll turn it over to you! Do you see a comparison between Issac Hayes and Rick Ross? Take our poll and hit the comments section to have your say!

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5 thoughts on “John Legend Compares Rick Ross To Isaac Hayes

  1. PAPI MORENITO on said:

    Rick Ross’ lyrical content is bad and vulgar to say the least. His music revolves around drugs, sex and money.

    However, the guy has one of the best sounding voices in the rap game. Plus his production and beat selection is legendary in contemporary Rap music. Yes, he does have soulful tracks for instance “Even Deeper” feat Barry White, “Super High” feat Ne-Yo, etc. This is what John Legend is refering to.

    He’s the only rapper that survived a feud with 50 Cent and a professional past as a correctional officer and actually became a bigger artist, pun intended, and he’s running a modesly successful boutique label.

    For a 70’s Soul/R&B fan John Legend is wrong for mentioning Rick Ross and Isaac Hayes in the same sentence but today’s average Hip-Hop RR is the man. I personally hate his subject matter but like his delivery and production.

  2. Let’s not trip, it is not uncommon to have artist compared to those who have come before them and paved the way for their opportunities. I’m sure that John meant this as a compliment, and I am sure Rick is honored to be compared to the legendary Isaac Hayes. Even though I may not see it from my position because I grew up with Isaac Hayes’ music, it does not mean that this generation can’t learn and be molded by his influence and memory. John picked a good one to compare Rick to.

  3. I’m married to a man like John Legend. When faced with having to come up with something intelligent to say, and he comes up blank, he’ll just say any old ignorant mess that pops into his head and hope you don’t call him on how damn stupid he sounds.

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