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According to TMZ, legendary R&B group The O’ Jays are suing Crown Royal Whiskey over using their music in their “humiliating” commercial.

Reportedly, two members of the group, Eddie Levert and Walter Williams Sr., are suing the liquor company for playing the classic tune “For the Love of Money” in the commercial which features NBA Hall of Famer Julius “Dr. J.” Erving.

Williams and Levert are upset that the song was played without their permission and that it is being featured under a rap song, which Levert claims is “humiliating and demeaning” and reduces “them to background singers.”

They are asking for $1 million in damages. (Watch the commercial below)

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4 thoughts on “The O’Jays Sue Crown Royal for $1 Million

  1. Smiley on said:

    If they used the music without their permission, then yes they need to get paid. In my view I don’t think that it takes away from who they are. Actually without their song the ad would not sound good. They actually are the highlight of the hook.

  2. They deserve to be paid for using their music!! The O’Jays are legends in the music industry and they should have been consulted about using their song. Personally, I liked the ad bcuz I am a fan of the O’Jays and Dr. J and thought it was kinda cool to use two superstars in their own rights in a commercial.

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