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Essence Atkins is telling the rest of Hollywood to take heed of the film “Temptation,” because Tyler Perry messed up. Kinda.

The actress mentioned during an interview that it was quite ironic how social media and most covers of tabloids feature Kim Kardashian, but the movie sorta flopped (for a Tyler Perry production).

“I found it interesting that Tyler did that with ‘Temptation,’ hiring Kim Kardashian because she has 16 million Twitter followers, which would seem like a brilliant marketing plan,” Essence told Sister 2 Sister. “He has one of the biggest Twitter personalities out there in his movies, and he had one of the worst box office weekends.”

The filmmaker has admitted to casting the reality star to draw more audiences to the theater. The movie earned $22.3 million its debut weekend and performed better than “Why Did I Get Married Too.”

“It’s not a failure, but it did worse than his movies usually do just based on him,” clarified Atkins. “I thought that was an interesting finding. You’re experiment didn’t work.”

It’s worked, however for others like “Glee” with NeNe Leakes, granted the show already had its own following. And it doesn’t mean her fans watch her on the scripted show.

“People want to see good stories. It’s not necessarily that they want to see Kim Kardashian in a movie. They want to see her in a bikini. They want to see her with Kanye [West]. They want to see her on her show talking about her life with her sisters, but that doesn’t mean that they want to see her in a movie,” she said. “The fact that people want to see their lives and the volatility of that…. I don’t’ think that it translates at all.”

She also lamented about how filmmakers are skipping out on hardworking actors to recruit illegitimate reality stars.

In the meantime, Essence stars in Marlon Wayans’ “A Haunted House,” which is now out on DVD.

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17 thoughts on “Essence Atkins: Studios Take Note: Tyler’s Casting of Kim K Didn’t Work

  1. Most opinions on this page show that ignorance is bliss. What Tyler Perry is doing with his films is MAJOR. For those saying that he is setting black people back, wake up! Have you walked down the streets of Chicago, Detroit, D.C., etc lately?!?!? Have you watched your local news lately? Where are the “setbacks” occurring?
    Casting Kim K. was a great way to try to leverage her popularity to attract a demographic who do not usually watch and patronize his shows.

  2. I love TP to, but the movie was not worth seeing for the money I paid, for two people. , because the movie was not all that great I could have waited until it came out on video. I mean I love Jurnee and Vanessa williams, but the rest of the Cast. It was not what I Expected, and who was the LOVER, that peanut head man,
    who thought he was sexy, I mean really are you serious, They could have used Shemar Moore, on that tip. if you want a sexy lover. It was not that great at all.

    • I thought the dark chocolate covered “peanut head” was very attractive. It would have just ruined it for me to see Shemar Moore play that negative role.

  3. Arnella Freeman on said:

    Tyler has done good work & deeds. For that we are thankful but his arrogance in not listening to those of us who asked begged & demanded he not cast Kim K. decided to let our buying power express our dissatisfaction. Maybe he will listen next time.

  4. peach0423 on said:

    I also loved Tyler Perry and the wonderful things he does for people in need as well as his work. I did not pay to see this movie because of his casting of Kim K and I don’t even know if I will see it when it comes out on redbox. If Tyler continues to cast more reality stars I will not support those movies or plays either. I just believe there are way to many real actors who have worked hard out there who can use the work.

  5. Donna on said:

    I adore Mr. Tyler Perry and I will always support Mr. Tyler Perry. But, Kim K I can not support I don’t watch reality TV and for heaven sake I don’t watch the Kardashians. I think their over rated and Kim K can’t not act. Sorry Mr. Tyler Perry, they’re were other choices for you to pick from.

  6. littlefeetd on said:

    I fiend it funny how we bash every movie from all types of people and we are still the ones home reading about it why these people move on in their life with a check in their hand. If it pays their bills then fine with me we need to get away from being so negative minded and begin to be positive about life all together makes no sense to me to hate on someone else but yet want others to support our ideas that may seem clueless. smh

  7. Maybe the movie failed because people are realizing that both he and his movies are awful, close-minded, and set African-American culture back dozens of years?

    • Tami on said:

      ” and set African-American culture back dozens of years”

      If he and his movies can do all of that, he is more powerful than I thought. In fact I read something similar in the comments section for a Scandal article.

      I would think that it would be lack of education, poverty, loss of jobs, etc., but I guess I was wrong,

      Get ya life!

  8. Debbie on said:

    I knew I was NOT going to support the movie. I am not a K K fan. He should have put Essence Atkins in the movie instead of Kim.

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