Tyrese Gibson is typically a nice guy, but he may have offended a few people out there with his latest comments about overweight people.

The 34-year-old was keeping it way too real while in a recent interview with AllHipHop.com.

AHH: What kind of responsibility do you feel as an entertainer, you have to inspire people to live healthier lifestyles?

Tyrese: No two situations are the same. If you are fat and nasty and you don’t like the way you look, do something about it. It’s simple. When you take a shower and you put your fat, nasty body in the shower and by the time you get out, the mirrors are all steamed up so you don’t look at what you did to yourself. That may sound offensive or insensitive but ultimately, you are big as hell because you have earned that sh*t. You worked your a** off to eat everything in sight to get big as hell. If you got a problem with the way you look, then you need to do something about it. Excuses sound best to the people that’s making them up.


You have to admit that stuff is hilarious, offensive, but hilarious.

Bottom line is, the truth is out there and people are overweight in America. People are fighting for their lives because of unhealthy lifestyles and poor choices.

New York Times columnist recently highlighted the spreading obesity epidemic among African Americans.

“Too many experts who are involved in the discussion of obesity don’t understand something crucial about black women and fat: many black women are fat because we want to be,” Alice Randall wrote.

Big people, don’t be too quick to be offended. Tyrese put himself on blast about his own struggle, explaining that at one point he put on an extra 50 pounds.

“How lucky is it that mirrors steam up after a hot shower?” Tyrese asks. “I didn’t have to look at what I’d done to myself.” And every morning for a year, he didn’t look.

32 thoughts on “Tyrese Blasts Overweight People, Calls them ‘Fat and Nasty’

  1. Sally Bates on said:

    There are many of us thin women who can eat like hogs and get only a little exercise and stay tiny women. This is something that some (not all, NOT ALL) but some heavy women just can deal with. I have always eaten relatively healthy but very hardy. Although I try to eat somewhat healthy, I still consume a great deal of white carbs. Mac and cheese and lasagna and fettucine alfredo are among some of my favorites. I try to get a little exercise for health sake but not a whole lot. All women who know me ask me, ‘Where are you putting all that food’? One thing I have noticed is that it is mainly heavy piggie women who try to claim that most tiny women are not hardly eating. Fact is, some people have better heredity in this regard than they do. I am really lucky to have 2 parents who can eat like hogs and stay small people. There are other people who also have good heredity. I am not saying this is the case with all small women or small people, but with some people it is. Deal with heavy women and get over it.

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  4. mimisqk on said:

    There will always be people who overweight and there will always be ugly people. Most overweight people are nice looking and when they eventually lose the weight, they really look good all over; Chaka Khan, Raven Simone, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks, Valerie Bertinelli, etc. Most ugly people have no choice but to keep their weight down; however no matter how much they exercise and how much money they spend on trying to look good they are still UGLY; Tyrese is a perfect example of that. Being over weight is a temporary situation. Being Ugly is a permanent situation.

    • nene on said:

      I am a disabled I was in special ed and I lam afro American and he has brought me to tears and I hate tyrese I am going break every cd I ever bought of his I thought he was a good person but I see he is not at all. I don’t like to be put down Put I am in the gym trying to get My weight together I may not be where I want to be at this time but iam trying to get there. No Love from Tyrese from me
      ever again

      • Buckwheats Momma on said:

        Stop jumping to stupid conclusions and READ/THINK please!
        The man did not say that! Read what he said for yourself and stop falling into the “trap”.

  5. Mimisqk on said:

    Tyrese looks like Pookie from New Jack City. Tyrese’s lips are grey, ashy and nasty looking. I thought it was a good thing when it was announced that Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank were forming a group together; TGT. However, Tyrese’s statement insulted half of his fan base and he is too stupid to know that. There is truth in Tyrese’s statement and there is also truth in my statement.

    • nene8380 on said:

      Actually if you would do some research and stop believing every journal or article you read where people are just trying to expand their numbers, you would know that the statement was not about anyone but about himself. He was interviewed by Men’s Health and was referring to himself about when he had gained weight and did not want to face the truth. You sitting here bashing him for something you thought he did, but you are doing the same thing. #hypocrite

  6. Tyrese should not have said that about Fat People. I am going to tell Tyrese something that my grandmother told me, ‘Be nice to everyone because you do know who’s hand you will need on your way down’. I hope Tyrese understands that and will go to God and ask him to forgive him for say something so hurtful. tyrese it is the women, fat and skinny that are going to your concerts, purchaseing you cd’s and buying your books. But after this comment, that number of women might be low. I do not wish anything bad on you, but you should think about that comment. You hurt a lot of people’s feelings with those comments.

    • blackpope on said:

      so your saying god will punish tyrese for saying that really, well super christian do you know it is a sin to over eat, so a sin over someone telling the truth hmmmm? im sure you a fat black woman, they always have excuses of why they are fat, the only race of woman that can and will never admit when they are wrong..its not tyrese its the world… Family guy only portrays black women as fat and full of attitudes, you like that? ten change it..I hate the way black men are portrayed so guess what I have a MS in Physics and no kids no jail. So instead of me complaining and saying someone is going to hell I bettered myself, its not hard to do.

      • Buckwheats Momma on said:

        Your comment is so right on!
        Too many black woman, and men, are too fat! It is unhealthy! It does not look good! And it seems the fattest are always in those lycra pants. Someone needs to tell them!
        However, in defense of Tyrese, he did not say black women are “fat and nasty”.
        Folks need to read what he said, the man stated that ” IF” you are fat and nasty, and of course the black women, I am sure most of those are fat, jumped on him!
        Sorry, but instead of becoming insulted, learn to eat better so you are healthy, and you will certainly look better. FAT IS NOT CUTE!!!

      • Not only are AA’s overweight. I see a lot of other races that tip the scale too. I also see people that keep themselves up and are trying hard to get it together. You can’t tell by looking at someone if they have began to make a change. Also, there are a lot of “nasty” skinny, or small people, also. Fat does not equate to funky. Small doesn’t equate clean. Ask the chick sliding up and down the pole.

      • Buckwheats Momma on said:

        Of course black people are not the only over-weight people!
        However, this discussion centers on black folks, and as a whole, we are too fat!
        Once again, Tyrese did not say that black women/people are fat and nasty!
        Own up to OUR issues and stop defending our negatives!

      • If you would read my other comments you will see that I agree with you. My concern is that every time we hear, or read something that is negative, or that we deem negative, some assume that it is about AA’s. If you throw a rock in a pack of dogs the one that yelps is the one it hit. I stand by the fact that he didn’t say AA’s.On the other hand, AA men don’t always have to make comments assuming that the person must be talking about an AA woman. It just sounds like self hate. Why would you make a comment about how fat and nasty black women look. (Not talking about Tyrese, but the men who are commenting on here.) It makes me want to ask where you live? I’ve seen and I am a nice looking, great behaving, educated AA. Look around. I’m not the only one male or female. We are some great people with faults like every other race that we need to confront and deal with. Let’s celebrate with our words, make changes when necessary, and remember to not be so sensitive.

      • Buckwheats Momma on said:

        Thanks TAMI!
        You are right, of course, and I agree with you that far too many AA men always jump to the conclusion that fat means black women. Also, I acknowledge that many of us are healthy, live healthy life-styles, and keep fit. Please know that I think AA women are among the most beautifuil, all over the world!

        To those who do not follow a healthy diet at least pay attention to it simply because of health reasons. Eating healthy does not mean you can’t ever have the bad stuff (we all like), it means not eating it daily all day long! And by all means get some exercise! Walking (briskly) is the best exercise you can do, and it is free!!

    • blackpope on said:

      self hate or not programmed? each race does have overweight people but we are the only ones that celebrate it..Phat girls, soul food, soul plane, big mommys house ect… its sad because we think eating crap is our culture , no it was our survival tactic during slavery. America has programmed blacks into hating the one group that figured it out in the 60’s muslims…how to eat and behave, no drinking, drugs, bad food… the christian white man church tells you eat it all, and u rarely see an overweight muslim, ratchet out but go to black christian church, no disapline.. after a funeral of a person that died of a heart attack what do the people eat the same food that killed that person , fried this, pork that its said.. im not muslim but i respect their problem solving instead of name calling and excuse making

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  8. FIFTY AND PHUNE on said:

    I have to agree with him I don’t like the delivery but it is true. These young girls are DISGUSTING.I am tired of them wearing leggings as pants and you can see the fat folds in their thighs. I am so tired of them being the first one to put on the long dresses with theirr stomachs looking like they are pregnant. Spanx can’t do anything for these women but yet they think that they are cute. I just shake my head and say they look disgusting. TThese women are not full figured they are full of fat. Who ever invented that word needs to be run outta town.

  9. Buckwheats Momma on said:

    LOL!, Now Tyrese is a hater for something he did not say about black women!
    Per the article, the man said “IF” you are fat & nasty. Read these articles carefully. The headline is written to incite, and so many fall right into the trap. READ!!!

  10. Debra on said:

    Tyrese is a self hater in my opinon. He has real complex with Black Women. This is not the first time he has dissed us. Okay Tyrese, you don’t have to like me. It’s us Black Women who declared you a sex symbol. Though,how quickly we forget. Well, guess what, I had already written you off and I hope other sisters do the same. Yes, it is not a good idea to be overweight, but those are words of pure hate. Based on the pictures I have seen of him, he is not into small Black Women either.

    • “No two situations are the same. If you are fat and nasty and you don’t like the way you look, do something about it. It’s simple.” He NEVER mentioned black women. Men stop assuming that he did and women get out of your feelings.

  11. Touche' on said:

    Did he forget that his mother and sister’s are overweight or as I call it fluffy – tells you he has not respect

  12. Stingy73 on said:

    I wouldn’t have never thought Tyrese would say something like that. Since he said fat women a lot confidence. I know I need to drop 129lbs. But I love to pig out. I’m going to start working out.

  13. Buckwheats Momma on said:

    Seems to me he did not say that overweight people are “fat and nasty”, he stated ” If you are fat and nasty and you don’t like the way you look, do something about it.”
    PLEASE STOP with the sensationalized headlines for your shallow articles/blurbs.
    If the writers that contribute to this site want to write then at least respect the craft.

  14. Hilarious! He’s not lying. I struggle with eating properly. I’ve never been huge and don’t desire to be skin and bones, but I’m not going to fool myself into thinking I don’t need to get some weight off after having 3 babies. I am now eating more salads, drinking more water, not eating an entire skillet of home cooked fries, and switching to whole wheat products. It’s easier to give in to every craving than it is to do the right thing. It’s a decision. There are some huge people out there who don’t care. Go to Golden Corral and watch them sit for hours. You will be amazed.

    • blackpope on said:

      you are the first black woman on here to take responsibility , wow very rare, so many black women think fat is a culture, no not true its from the poor diet and lack of will, but when they get arms and legs cut off from illness they want everyone to feel sorry for them

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