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The Turner family of Huntsville, Alabama is Today’s “Christmas Wish” Winner.

Good Morning:

My name is Charlene from Huntsville, Alabama. My husband and I are proud alumna of HBCU Alabama A&M University. We are a loving, caring devoted family of 5 with children ages 9, 6, 1.

Currently, we are a single income household. My husband lost his job 2009 and the economy quickly proved that the salaries being offered would not cover our costly day care. As time went on, we decided it would be more beneficial if he stayed at home with the children. In 2011, we were blessed to have our third child.  

Unfortunately, we have hit many obstacles and financial strains as we live pay check to pay check with little room to breathe. Our house was foreclosed, cars have been repossessed, but through it all, we find joy in the smallest things.  On July 16th, we will celebrate being married 10 years. I am not asking for some dramatic, grand honeymoon trip or wedding that we never had for my Christmas Wish. It would be such a life-saving gift just to have some of our financial burden lifted by asking for your help to cover some everyday things like gas, groceries and a couple of months of rent, if possible.  I will be forever grateful.

Be Blessed,