Uncle Sam thought he had Jermaine Dupri.

But the super producer managed to escape filing for bankruptcy or going to jail.

The producer is came up with the resources to pay off a $3 million tax lien.

According to official filings, he didn’t pay taxes way back in 2006.

(Photo: EURweb)

4 thoughts on “Jermaine Dupri Polishes Off $3 Million in Tax Lien

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  2. How come we never hear about Justin Timberlake, Mel Gibson, or Rush Limbaugh owing the IRS any money? How come every time I make a comment about how I just disappeared (in quotation marks) from life as I knew it within two or three business days I get a leter from Social Services, the IRS, or Municipal housing that I owe money, they are increasing the amount that I’ve to pay, or that I am going to be inspected when I am not at home? WTF is this called again? Never mind f’ you!

    Congrats Jermain don’t let these folks have shit to say about you and yours!

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