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If you’re not already familiar with Kurt Carr’s musical testimony let’s give you some updates – this year alone he released his 7th CD “Bless This House” and was honored with the James Cleveland Lifetime Achievement Award at the 28th annual Stellar Awards. The honor was a particularly special one for the gospel music veteran as he started his career playing keyboards for Cleveland. Carr was also honored by performing rights group BMI with their Gospel Trailblazer award.

If that wasn’t enough, the blessings keep on coming. “Bless This House,” just out last month, is already #1 on the gospel charts.

The two-CD set has 24 tracks and was written entirely by Carr. He added the title track as one of the last recordings on the project, inspired by the tragedy of Sandy Hook. Seven-year-old gospel sensation Myles Caton, son of Timiney Figueroa Caton is a guest on the CD along with Carr regulars Nikitta White, Troy Bright and Yvette Wiliams.  The first single, “I’ve Seen Him Do It,” selected by Carr’s fans, is one that Carr says has a message for everyone.

“I’ve Seen Him Do It” is the testimony of all people, not just avid church goers,” Carr says.  “We’ve ALL seen God do incredible awesome things. From the saint to the sinner, we’ve all experienced God’s grace.”

Even after 20 years as a recording artists, Carr is still committed to making the music he feels best fulfills his purpose to encourage and empower others. “I believe I’ve come into what my niche and what my purpose is,” says Carr.  “And that is to make music that edifies the body and blesses the church of Jesus Christ.”