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The Ray Charles Foundation says it will appeal the decision of the United States District Court to allow some of the late singer’s children to reclaim copyrights on about 60 of his best-known compositions.

As previously reported, U.S. District Judge Audrey Collins threw out a number of claims that the foundation had filed against the children after they filed termination notices in 2010 to reclaim the ownership of the works from Warner/Chappell Music. Although Warner/Chappell has not challenged the validity of the termination notices, the Ray Charles Foundation did, as it reaps royalties from the copyrighted music.

Valerie Ervin, President of The Foundation, suggested that Charles’ kids received a large sum of money as part of an agreement not to ever sue the foundation in the future.

In a statement released Tuesday, Ervin said:

The very clear and unmistakable intention of both Ray Charles and all his children was that, in exchange for a substantial payment, the children were not to raise any claims against their father’s estate. The children who filed these termination notices violated the sacred promise they made. They took their father’s money and now come back for more. The law is very unsettled in these matters and we intend to seek resolution through the courts. In the meanwhile, The Foundation will continue its substantial charitable works as intended by Mr. Charles. Ray Charles never let anything stand in the way of his work and The Foundation continues with his legacy.


(Photo: AP)