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19 year-old child prodigy Britney Exline graduated in the 2011 class from the University of Pennsylvania. The computer science major is now the youngest black engineer in the country, working for a software company in Boston. Exline was always ahead of her class. The Colorado Springs native speaks five languages and carried three minors in school.

Britney Exline was only eight months old when she began walking, and was completing 100-piece jigsaw puzzles at 15 months old.  By age 16, she was working on Wall Street at Sophrosyne Capital Hedge Funds as an investment analyst on the New York Stock Exchange.

Exline has volunteered to help others in the African Republic of Cameroon. She helped to supply working laptops to students of less-developed countries. Exline was the youngest IT on the team.

A well-rounded student, she also worked with her mother, who is a pageant coach, in a few Colorado pageants, even taking the crown home after a win. She held the crown at the 2004 Miss Colorado Pre-Teen and 2006 Miss Colorado Jr. National Teenager competitions.

After graduating from high school, Exline became the youngest African American female student to be accepted by an Ivy League school.

Exline is a graduate of Palmer High School’s International Baccalaureate program. She studied anthropology at Harvard University while still in the program and later received a full-ride scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania.

Her parents, Chyrese and Christopher Exline, are proud of their daughter’s success and her mother says that she never allowed her children to give up on something just because it was hard.

In the past year, Exline, who’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day, has most recently taken on another challenge that was skipped along her climb to success: learning how to drive.

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