Cheryl Shepherd, the mother of KC Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher allegedly told police her son argued with his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins over their daughter’s paternity before he shot her multiple times and killed her, before killing himself.

Shepherd was present in their home when her son killed Perkins. According to the New York Post, she told investigators her son was questioning if he was the biological father of their 3-month-old named Zoey.

The Post reported a Kansas City law-enforcement source and another source close to the case both confirmed, “there was a question about the paternity.”

However, Friday morning the spokesman for the Kansas City police denied the Post’s report saying it  was inaccurate after completing their investigation of the murder-suicide.

The spokesman, Darin Snapp, said in regards to the report, “I talked to the lead detective, and he said not one witness has come forward mentioning paternity.”

Snapp also denies the claim Shepherd mentioned a paternity dispute.

(Photo: EURweb)

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3 thoughts on “Jovan Belcher Questioned Daughter's Paternity before Killing, Police Deny Report

  1. Why notsmile on said:

    The Mother never spoke these words. The truth is that she heard the fight on this evil night. I really feel bad for her, I could never survive this terrible tragedy. I pray that his Mother will have the opportunity to raise this baby. I know that both parents love their baby. People please do not buy a gun especially if you have a bad temper. Gun+temper= death!

  2. Madeleine Fisher on said:

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  3. I hope his mom did not let that suggestion flow from her mouth. If so, she is trying to justify why her son took that young woman’s life. Looking at the previous pictures shown, one did not have to be a rocket scientist to see that that baby looked just like the” killer “father. Bless that young woman’s soul and may Jovan rot in the pit of hell.

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