As previously reported, Tyler Perry’s deal with Oprah Winfrey’s OWN, announced two months ago, calls for the filmmaker to write, direct and executive produce two series for a mid-2013 premiere.

Today, the two shows were announced: a drama titled “The Haves And The Have Nots” and a sitcom called “Love Thy Neighbor,” both from his production company Tyler Perry Studios, the network confirmed.

“Haves” will be Perry’s first small screen foray into drama after churning out sitcoms “House Of Payne,” “Meet The Browns” and “For Better Or Worse” on TBS.

“The Haves And The Have Nots” focuses on two families – the affluent Cryer family and the impoverished family of their housekeeper Hanna – and the challenges and skeletons that lurk within both families.

“Love Thy Neighbor” is about the food, laughs and lessons always available at Love’s Diner.

With his TV hustle now just as strong as his motion picture and theater game – not to mention Perry was 2011’s Highest Paid Man in Entertainment,” the 43-year-old New Orleans native is now legitimately referred to as an “entertainment mogul.” Perry says he’s not tripping over the “mogul” title, he just wants to be the next Norman Lear (the great TV producer behind such classic shows as “All in the Family,” “Sanford and Son,” ‘One Day at a Time,” “The Jeffersons,””Good Times” and “Maude”).

(Photo: AP)

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8 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Announces Show Titles for the OWN Network

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  4. I agree somewhat with speech_lady about House of Payne. What I’m wondering is is it the writing or the horrible actors. If I never see Lavan Davis in any other sitcom,movie, etc. I will should hallelujah! He is one of the worst actors I;ve ever seen.

  5. speech_lady on said:

    I sure hope he gets some great writers for his shows. Currently the writers for his shows offer cheap jokes that are backed up by a recorded laughing audience. I don’t watch any of his shows on TV because the writing is horrible. House of Payne is the worst.

  6. So loving you Tyler man….and you definately have the money to prove that you are ‘the man’ BUT your sitcoms are SHORT SHORT when it comes to Norman Lear! I can still watch Sanford and Son over and over again ( and I do have all the series) and still will laugh my azz off and I know what is going to happen and what Fred is going to say but I still get my laugh on …….so just keep ‘studying’ his work as you continue on your amazing journey!!!!!!!!

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