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Hi Tom Joyner,

My name is Sarah Richardson from Mobile, Alabama and I listen to your show every morning. I lost my job in December 2008, when the company I was working for, Georgia Pacific, closed its doors. I have been everywhere looking and applying for jobs and I have gone on a lot of interviews, but so far I have not been hired. I was getting unemployment for a time, but that unfortunately ended in April.

I have been blessed with a talent of sewing, which I taught myself at the age of twelve. I have been able to take sewing jobs to sustain my livelihood, such as making the graduation dresses for one of the local high schools and alterations for the women in my church. Unfortunately, I have had to turn down a great many sewing jobs because I don't have and can't afford the type of sewing machines required to do the work.

Tom, it is my Christmas wish to receive a straight stitch sewing machine, which is a heavy duty industrial style sewing machine with straight and reverse stitching options and an embroidery machine to enhance my creative talents for making customized fashion. My sewing has now become my only source of income. It has become so tough to survive on just the few sewing jobs I can turn out, that I have had to move in with my daughter. I sew out of her home or out of a room in my church with an old, barely working sewing machine.    Having the two different sewing machines will enable me to take many more sewing jobs and broaden my work.  Your help would be a blessing and an answer to my prayers.

Thank you so much,

Sara Richardson