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According to local media sources, gun and ammunition sales have escalated since Friday’s shootings in Aurora, Colorado.

Over the weekend, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation approved 43 percent of background checks. On Friday, there were 1,216 checks alone. This is a 43 percent jump when compared to the average number of checks submitted during the previous two Fridays. 

"It's been insane," Rocky Mountain Guns and Ammo employee Jake Meyers told reporters.

Meyes said that yesterday was the “busiest Monday all year” reporting that all basic firearm classes were completely booked for the next three weeks. Competing gun and ammunition stores have also experienced the same activity with their carry-concealed weapon courses.

"We've definitely had an increase," said course instructor Dion Studinski.

This is not the first time a massive shooting has led to spike in gun sales. Ammunition sales experienced a jump shortly after the Tucson Arizona shootings and the Virginia Tech massacre.

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