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After a run in with the "New York Daily News" photographer, Alec Baldwin went to twitter to express his anger with paparazzi.

Baldwin tweeted, "I suppose if the offending paparazzi was wearing a hoodie and I shot him, it would all blow over…"

The "30 Rock" star quickly removed the tweet from his account but not quick enough for many to express their anger about what many believe was an insensitive tweet.

Earlier in the morning, Baldwin and the photographer got into an altercation. Reportedly, Baldwin punched the photographer after attempting to take a photo of Baldwin and fiancee Hilaria Thomas after  the couple obtained a marriage license in New York City.

This is not the first offense for Baldwin, who got into two separate altercations with photographers in California in 1995 and Manhattan in 2010.

There has not been any charges pressed against Baldwin yet.