Doc McStuffins is the name of the newest animated TV star featured on Disney Junior. The “Doc” is the first black female lead character of an animated series on the channel. Created by Emmy Award winning Writer and Producer Chris Nee, (Blues Clues, Backyardigans, Little Bill), Doc McStuffins is an animal vet for fictional toys who happens to be a young black girl.

Chris Nee thought of the character while pondering her own child’s struggle with asthma. She realized there were no animated shows that dealt with a child’s visit to the doctor. Doc McStuffins was a great introduction to the message she wanted to send as a mother and a writer and Disney Junior’s need for a strong black lead character.

The toys that see Doc McStuffins for ‘medical care’ are often diagnosed with problems that can be associated with a child’s common illness. A toy’s broken wing or airplane blade can be an example of a child’s broken bone. Healthy ideals like how colds are spread, illustrated by using finger painting, are a couple of ways that Doc McStuffins teaches kids to stay and be healthy.

Chris Nee has reached out to medical professionals for her newest Disney Junior production.

Doc McStuffins airs weekdays on Disney Junior (Disney Channel).


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