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Reverend Al Sharpton Talks President Obama, Donald Trump

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Last night, Mitt Romney became the official Republican nominee and was later greeted by Donald Trump in celebration. Trump took this time to again reiterate his belief that Obama was not born in the United States. Again, charging the birther campaign against President Barack Obama and setting off extremists across the United States. Sharpton believes that many will not be affected by this absurd campaign but it is hitting a group of extremists who stand by ideals of racism and beliefs that Obama is not one of us, not an american.

Sharpton warns that this is dangerous not only to Obama's campaign but to the people of the United States. He says there are, "real strains of racism.. and its a threat to women, blacks,and latinos," because anyone should be able to serve as president. However, Trump and extremists alike are trying to uphold a stereotypical ideal of what a president should be.

Reverend Al Sharpton ended with, we are in for a turbulent trip to november and we must "fasten our seatbelts and keep our faith in the pilot."