Anti-fan protests against VH1’s “Basketball Wives” are finally making headway with their campaigns.

Summer’s Eve, a feminine products brand, will no longer advertise on the program, the protest campaigners proudly claim on Before the week is out, a second sponsor could ditch the reality show as well.

But the refusal to sponsor also includes Evelyn Lozada’s “Ev & Ocho.”

“Basketball Wives” is also losing support from fans who claim to be worn out by the constant cat fighting and negative portrayal of black women.

Ratings have dropped from 2 million viewers a few weeks ago to 1.75 million last week. That’s a 12.5 percent drop.

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One thought on “‘Basketball Wives’ Loses Advertiser

  1. Jonid711 on said:

    Any advertiser with taste will follow suit and disassociate themselves from this violent show that demean women. Tami and Evelyn act like hoodlum thugs that don’t know how to do anything but bully and fight.

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