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The Summer Olympic Games is just 100 days away but if you can’t wait until then for some Olympic action, check out a new Facebook app. The Olympic Genome Project helps you figure out just how much you have in common with your favorite Olympian. Wonder if Usain Bolt is anything like you? What about LeBron James or Serena Williams? This app helps you find out.

Summer Games sponsor Samsung produced the app, which you can access via Facebook by hitting the “Like” button on the landing page.

The app gives you information on the Games, events around the Games, progress of the Olympic torch and details on how you’re connected to various athletes who may participate in the Summer Games. 3,000 potential Olympians are in the database. Olympic gold medalist, gymnast Dominique Dawes, is promoting the app.

“People don’t necessarily know how they’re connected to Olympic athletes, unlike other sports where people know more about how they’re connected to teams and players by hometown or area,” Samsung’s Ralph Santana told “You lose a little bit of that in the Olympics, when you only hear about the real high-profile athletes being discussed while NBC is kind of curating the event.”

The site also includes quizzes and ranks you in competition with your Facebook friends. That helps you earn tokens, which in turn helps you earn discounts on Samsung products. The 2012 Summer Olympic Games will be broadcast live from London beginning with Opening Ceremonies on July 27, 2012. The Games, which are broadcast on NBC, will end on August 12th. For more information on the Olympics, go to